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Date night and taking a bite of the apple

All of the stars aligned and Fiddledaddy took me out on a date.  Without an entourage.  I was craving steak so we headed to Outback armed with a coupon.  The wait time was somewhere around a day and a half, so we chose the outdoor dining option.  Which consisted of a mesh metal table and two matching and equally uncomfortable chairs.  It was terribly romantic.  Except for the cigarette smoke.  And car exhaust fumes.  And the Florida heat.  And the flies.

“But other than that, how did you enjoy the play, Mrs. Lincoln?”  

But I had a wonderful time, which tells you how desperate I was to be out of the house with my husband, yet without the bickering children.

Usually after a date, we find ourselves wandering the aisles of the local Wal-Mart.  But on this particular evening we decided to shake things up a little and visit a new Apple store that opened recently.  It’s not an official Apple store, per se, but all they carry are Mac products.  So, that makes them a toy store an Apple store in my book.

And speaking of books, I wanted to show you a little something I’ve been coveting.

This is the 11.6 inch MacBook Air.  It is super light weight (lighter than air, as it were), and is just ever so slightly larger than the iPad.  I could fit it in my purse.  If I buy a bigger purse.

At first I had my eye on the iPad, but had to really consider what I would use it for.  Ideally, I need something from which I can work on the fly.  As in while waiting at the doctor’s office, or at the gym while my children are being taken care of and I should be exercising but aren’t, etc.

The iPad could work for this, but if you ever saw me texting you would know that I type 4 words per hour.  With my pointer finger.  And the iPad, to me, would be very much like texting.  The nice little sales girl who looked to be all of 13 told me that I could buy a iPad case which contains a little bluetooth keyboard, so it would be more like regular typing, employing all 10 fingers.

I was intrigued.  The iPad retails for about $500, and the bluetooth keyboard is around $100.  Which is cheaper than the retail price for the 11.6 MacBook Air which hoovers hovers around $999.

At this point, it’s all a dream.  I’ve drained the couch of all loose change but am thinking creatively.

So, to all fellow Mac fanatics, do you have any experience with either the iPad or the 11.6 inch MacBook Air?  And if so, can you tell me the pros and cons?

As usual, I’m taking to the internet before considering a major purchase.  #whyadvertiserslistentomommybloggers.

A Bite of the Apple

When I was single, I felt like I might need to join the technological age by purchasing a computer.  But since I was a struggling artist, the only computer I could afford was of the used variety.  A friend of a friend scavenged old computer parts, and put them back together to form a new computer.  He put such a computer together for me.

I called it Frankenputer.  He charged me $400 for this P.C., including a printer.  And I made a $50 payment on it each and every month until I had it paid off.

A proud moment.

Frankenputer was really only used for its e-mail capabilities.  I really didn’t have the where-with-all to use it for business.  Which would have been helpful, since I kept track of my painting inventory and tax related expenses in a black ledger.  Using a finely sharpened #2 pencil.

In my defense, though, my records were impeccable.  And my accountant offered me a job each year when I brought in my tax records.  Snap.

Enter Fiddledaddy.  He didn’t care much for Frankenputer, especially since he was a bit of a computer snob.  But he actually knew what he was doing and proved it by making his living as a graphic designer.

He tried to sell me on the virtues of a Mac, but you know me.  Change?  I am not fond of it.  I may have even openly mocked him about his computer preferences.

After we married, and Fiddledaddy had to move Frankenputer around a time or two and then finally across the country, he stepped up his campaign to get me on a Mac.  After a few years, Frankenputer finally drew its last gigabyte, and quietly slipped away.

Fiddledaddy took advantage of my bereavement and ordered me my first Mac.  It was lime green and looked rather large and space-agey.  But after I got over my initial fear of it, I found that I actually loved working on it.  And I had graduated beyond e-mail capabilities to ONLINE BANKING and QUICKEN for record keeping.

Ever since then, I’ve been a fellow computer snob nerd along with my husband.   When my lime green Mac showed signs of old age, I got a Mac Book lap top, with wireless keyboard and mouse.  Snazzy.

By this time, I was actually contributing to our income with my computer work, and needed something more mobile.   And Fiddledaddy had the good sense to get the extended warranty.

Then last year, I threw caution to the wind and got a 21 inch Mac desktop computer.  And I was all, I CAN SEE, I CAN SEE!!!  I still need to use my Mac Book for work when I travel, and I noticed that the case was starting to crack.  Fiddledaddy looked up our warranty info and noted that it was set to expire in THREE DAYS.

So we made the pilgrimage into Orlando on Tuesday to visit the Apple store.  IN THE MALL.  What a hardship.  A MALL, A REAL MALL.  If I could have, I would have skipped all the way there.

The Apple store is always brimming with all manner of folk.  The mall could be completely desolate, but the Apple store has no shortage of lookie-loos.  And it’s understandable.  There are tables set up with tethered Apple products to try.  Everything from iPods to 30 inch computer screens.  There is even a little table set up for the small fry with computer games to peruse.

The item that drew my attention was the iPad.  I had never actually held one, but was intrigued.  It is like a giant iPhone.  I informed Fiddledaddy that I might need to get one for work.  And I tried to look all serious and business like, but he knows that gleam in my eye.  A TOY, IT’S A GREAT BIG TOY.  A TECHNOLOGICAL TOY!

Oh, and by the way, the Apple Hospital people took my Mac Book away, replaced the cover, AND the battery and so now my laptop looks new.  Saving me $300 in repairs because it was still under warranty.  Sweet.

Still.  I’m dreaming of something even lighter, or purse sized, to be able to travel and still work.  I had to put my dream of the iPad to death, because it can’t go to a website that uses Flash.  And because my job at Mom’s Homeroom requires a computer that uses Flash, I wouldn’t be able to work on it.  Still, how awesome would it be to play SCRABBLE on it.  But that wouldn’t be a very wise and practical purchase, now would it…

However.  Fiddledaddy channeled my disappointment over to another table of Apple products.  To a little something called the MacBook Air .  It’s a small 11 inch laptop.  And it’s very very light.  When closed, it’s not much bigger than the iPad, but has a much larger memory and is able to play Flash after the application is downloaded.

I could fit it into my purse.  I need a bigger purse.  But still.

So that’s what’s on my I Wish, I Wish list for Christmas.

Very likely, I will be settling for a new purse.  But a girl can dream.

Any other Mac fanatics out there?