The Wedding Dress

June 18, 2014

When Fiddledaddy and I married, we were struggling artists in Los Angeles, and poor as church mice.  I’ve never met a church mouse.  But I understand they are on the brink of destitude. We were wed at the church which housed the 99-Seat Equity Waiver theatre company where we met, Hollywood Presbyterian Church.  A majestic […]

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The Father’s Day Card

June 17, 2014

Besides Chocolate Covered Bacon, Fiddledaddy also had a plethora of cards and notes awaiting him early on Father’s Day morning.  One such card was from his young son.  It was particularly heart warming. Later in the day Fiddledaddy posted it to his Instagram account with the following hashtags:  #Tyrannosaurus eating a #Psittacosaurus w/ #Triceratops seeking […]

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Everything tastes better with bacon

June 16, 2014

For Father’s Day, our church treated us with a little video about a daughter in search of the perfect Father’s Day gift for her dad.  One year she gave him an M&M decorated tie, and another year he was surprised with a snow ski trip.  His first time ever.  Traction soon followed.  Then one year […]

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Show and Tell

June 2, 2014

Our school year has mercifully come to a conclusion.  And no one died.  Important to note.  I officially am the homeschooling mother to a high school student, a junior high student, and a reluctant 4th grader.  Frankly, after completing 9 long years of homeschooling, I’m still shocked that all 3 of them can form full […]

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Camping Hacks

May 20, 2014

Since Pinterest is my friend, I learned a few new tricks for our longer-than-usual camping extravaganza.  My biggest concern was giving my family botulism from food gone bad on day 5 or 6.  The whole “cooking 3 meals a day for 8 days for 5 people” weighed heavily on me.  OH.  And what luck!  We […]

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