Musically Declined

July 8, 2014

We listen to a lot of music in our house as of late.  And by “we,” I mean the teenager and her sidekick, the tweenager.  If it were up to me, I’d go for All The Silence, because I may or may not have burned out the interior of my eardrums with headphones and cranked […]

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Art Attack

June 30, 2014

One of the subjects that I don’t really cover in our homeschooling journey, is art.  Even though I actually supported myself as an artist (air quotes) in Los Angeles (I painted walls and furniture), I cannot draw to save my life.  I never progressed much past Kindergarten. Thankfully my children inherited their artistic flair from […]

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June 23, 2014

As soon as we finished our school year (and by finished, I mean that we’re STILL doing Math, which makes me VERY popular with my students) we began Vacation Bible School at our church. Only one of my 3 children is still young enough to attend VBS.  So the elder two daughters volunteer their services […]

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The Wedding Dress

June 18, 2014

When Fiddledaddy and I married, we were struggling artists in Los Angeles, and poor as church mice.  I’ve never met a church mouse.  But I understand they are on the brink of destitude. We were wed at the church which housed the 99-Seat Equity Waiver theatre company where we met, Hollywood Presbyterian Church.  A majestic […]

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The Father’s Day Card

June 17, 2014

Besides Chocolate Covered Bacon, Fiddledaddy also had a plethora of cards and notes awaiting him early on Father’s Day morning.  One such card was from his young son.  It was particularly heart warming. Later in the day Fiddledaddy posted it to his Instagram account with the following hashtags:  #Tyrannosaurus eating a #Psittacosaurus w/ #Triceratops seeking […]

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