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When words fail me

An unexpected benefit, if you will, of embarking on a 5 day camping trip with dear friends and purposefully ignoring social media, is that I was completely unaware of the horrifying events which took place on Friday.

I fully expected to come back on Sunday night and share the many stories from the last few days.  Days filled with children frolicking without a care in the world.  Days of sitting with sweet friends and commiserating over the day to day dribble of parenting.

But today adequate words fail me.

Instead, I wanted to share a bit of a different insight into an aspect of this tragedy.  I believe that this is a big part of what we ought to be discussing.  Please read this article.

I know this event has affected you all, like it has affected me.  God bless you, my sweet fellow mommies and daddies.



I wanted to jump in at a time when I don’t normally post.  Especially twice in one day.  Because I prefer to pace myself.

I’ve had BlogHer ads on my sidebar for many years, and have enjoyed a wonderful working relationship with them.  As bloggers, we’re allowed to say what we do and don’t want in the form of advertising.  Early on, I decided that I never wanted my blog to be a mouthpiece for politics.  Either my own views, or others.  If I’m going to discuss politics, it’s going to be face to face.  So that there is no way someone could misinterpret my heart or thoughts.  I will not even discuss politics on Facebook.

That said, I noticed today that ads for the Obama campaign were popping up under my BlogHer ads.  I’m sure this is some sort of mixup over at BlogHerads.com, and I’ve submitted a request that they be taken down.

We’re going to be bombarded with a whole lot of politics over the next few months, and I’d prefer to keep the conversation serious here at Fiddledeedee.net.  You know, hard hitting topics like hot flashes, Angry Birds, bunions, and inappropriate humor.

I’ll leave the politics to those who will do a much better job than I would.  All I will say on the matter is JUST VOTE.

Happy Independence Day, my friends.  I’m going to take a few days off to mentally and physically prepare myself for our upcoming school year (which starts in TWO weeks…hold me) and be awfully grateful to live in the United States.  Where I will never ever take our freedom for granted.

Stepping down daintily from my soapbox.

Off the grid

I’m going to have relatively no internet connection for the next few days.  (hold me)  I’ll be back next week. Hopefully refreshed with a lot of stories to tell.  Have a great weekend, my friends!


I’m about to do that thing I swore I’d never do.  GO CAMPING.  What this means is that I will be away from the internet.

I’m taking limited electronics, mostly in the form of my iPhone (the really old slow one, not the hoopty ploopty one that tells you where to bury the body…well, nevermind).

I’ve been slaving over the stove for the last two days pre-cooking all of our meals.  This way I can justify ALL THE SITTING I plan on doing for the next few days.  I look forward to taking far too many pictures and spinning way too many yarns.  Have a fantastic rest of the week, and this happy camper will be back soon.

Winners and reminders

My 3 winners of the ZAGGsparq 2.0 portable USB chargers were #11 (Jenny), #18 (Sarah), and #27 (Katy).  I’ve sent an e-mail out to them.  Congratulations!


I have 3 gift card giveaways running right now, so be sure and enter.  That ought to come in handy because (lowers voice to a whisper) CHRISTMAS IS FAST APPROACHING.  Not freaking out.

•  $50 Drugstore.com gift card, courtesy of BlogHer and Olay (ends 11/3).

•  $100 Visa gift card & gift pack, courtesy of BlogHer and Unilever (ends 11/4).

•  $100 Visa gift card, courtesy of BlogHer and Jenny Craig (ends 11/6).


If you’re looking for a little inspiration, go check out this little gal’s blog.  The website with more information about her ministry is here.  I was introduced to her ministry in a sermon that our pastor gave last weekend.  She’s only TWENTY ONE years old, y’all.  When I was 21, my biggest contribution to society was that I could parallel park.

Happy Monday!

Simple Innocence

I love to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit.  I believe that it is what will save our country in this economic climate.  That and a whole lot of duct tape.

Many years ago as a struggling artist in Los Angeles I began my own little business.  I would find old cast off furniture, repair it, and give it a decorative painting touch, then sell it in hoopty ploopty stores and at art shows.  (This was all before Etsy.)  And I lovingly named my business venture “Handpainted by DeeDee” because evidently all my creative juices tied up in the actual painting.  I reckon.  Of all the paying jobs I’ve ever held in my life, it was the one I loved the most.

This is why I am so tickled when one of my friends turns a talent into a business.  Today I want to introduce you to my real life girlfriend, Deana.  I always noticed that her children wore the cutest matching outfits.  The type of clothes I would have LOVED to have dressed my girls in (before they forged their own unique sense of style) but could never have afforded.

Sheepishly, I asked Deana where she found her children’s clothes.  “I made them,” she replied.  WHAT?  She is an amazing seamstress.  She began sewing her children’s own clothes out of a frustration for the lack of affordable modest clothing for children.

And recently, she has hung out a sign and opened an Etsy shop called, Simple Innocence, which is custom boutique children’s clothing.  And she’s already gotten a few orders.  So I wanted to introduce you all to her and show off her adorable clothing line.

Precious.   I am so proud of my friend.


Have a fantastic weekend, my friends.  And thank you so much for all of your suggestions regarding Mater.  You have helped me more than you can imagine.  I’ll be well documenting his homecoming on Saturday.

A Kidney for Kelli

First off, thank you so much for all of the wonderful curriculum suggestions for our study of the United States next year.  HUGELY helpful.

Second, tomorrow is the last day of March, and I wanted to tell you about one last fundraiser push for Find a Kidney for Kelli.  I posted about this last month, when they thought that a donor was all lined up.  That particular donor fell through.  But I’m a firm believer that when a door closes, God throws open a picture window.

Kelli is high up on the deceased donor list, and a living donor may still be found.  At any rate, when a kidney becomes available, Kelli must be ready.  Both financially (for travel, tests, prep, etc.) and physically.  She’s working out the physical part, and a whole bunch of friends are working on the financial part.

This fundraiser is sponsored through GiveForward, a fantastic fundraising organization that only keeps 7% of the donations to cover their own expenses, while the other 93% goes to the patient to help cover the medical expenses.

If you feel led, please donate.  They are asking for folks to give $31 on the 31st!  Some may give more, some may give less.  Anything is appreciated.  For more information, go here.

Awards and stuff

I’m spending my Wednesday night glued to the CMA awards.  Where I actually recognize artists and songs, as opposed to, say, the Grammys.  Where unless they parade an elderly rocker out on stage, I have absolutely no idea who anyone is.

Or why they would chose to wear a slab of beef and call it couture.  But I’m just backwards like that.

But since I’m on the subject of awards, earlier this week I learned that my little blog was nominated for Funniest Homeschool Blog, at the 2010 Homeschool Blog Awards, hosted by The Homeschool Post.  I am beyond tickled about this.  Absolutely made my week.

Voting ends November 18th.  Go here to throw a vote my way, if you’re so inclined.  And should I happen to win, I promise not to wear a sirloin, as I sit in my office chair, giving my acceptance speech to myself.  But I cannot promise that I won’t look like this:

My proudest blogging moment yet.  Hey Kelli, does this still give you nighmares???

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!