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Technologically Speaking – A Meme

For the past few months, I’ve been participating in BlogHer’s Family Connections citizen journalism project as a Momspotter. Which btw, has little to nothing to do with my menses.  In a nutshell, I tweet a few times a day with the #momspotting hashtag about how I use technology in my everyday parenting life.  Or more accurately, how I’m attempting to stay one day smarter than technology so that I appear to NOT look like an imbecile  in front of my children.

And so, in the spirit of conquering technology, some of the momspotters are participating in a little meme.

If you want to play, simply cut and paste, and replace your own answers with mine on your own blog.  Then leave a link to your post in the comments, or tweet it with the #momspotting hashtag.

The Techno-Meme

1.  Which expensive electronic device do you most often let your older children abuse or your baby drool on?

The only person who drools in the house now is Fiddledaddy, whenever he spots a new fangled technological device.  And for the record, I don’t let the children anywhere near my iPhone or iMac.  They have a PC laptop designated for school work.  I do not share well.

2.  How many take-out restaurant numbers do you have programmed into your phone?

Only one.  Take-away service for Carrabbas.  It’s #2 on speed dial.  Right behind poison control.  No correlation.

3.   How many hours of television do you so totally not let your kids watch a week?

Twelve years ago, B.C. (before children) we read all the research on children and television, and vowed not to let our children watch ANY TV before the age of 2.  That lasted 2 months.  Along with the “we will not let our children eat in the car” rule.  Now we just set reasonable limits.  When they start to twitch, we turn it off.

4.   Do you think people who say “we don’t watch television” at playdates but really mean “we just watch DVDs” are lying liars from Liarville?

I don’t know any people like that.  Except for the Duggars, who we watch on TLC on 18 19 Kids & Counting. But I don’t really know them.  I just watch ’em on TV.  It’s ironic, really.

5.   How many miles have you driven with your child and not one device of electronic entertainment in a single car trip?

Two thirds of my children suffer from car sickness.  We discovered that child #3 had the affliction when Fiddledaddy allowed him to play the slide game on his iPhone while driving home from Disney World one night.  The kids who get sick just hang their head out the window, like a dog. No technological device necessary.  The remaining child listens to music on an iPod.

6.   What’s your record for calls to the pediatrician or Ask-a-Nurse in a single day?

Zero.  Why call when you can simply google The Plague.  And btw, my blog gets a fair number of hits whenever anyone googles “vomit.” I’m not sure what to make of that.

7.   What’s the sexiest thing your husband/partner could text you after a hard day?

“Honey, I left a box of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies in the medicine cabinet for you.”

8.   What’s your favorite iPad joke?

A couple of years ago, a blogging buddy sent me a letter she was forwarded, addressed to the president of P&G regarding the whole “Have a Happy Period” sanitary napkin debacle.  I posted it on my blog.  When the iPad was released last week, it resurfaced, and because of the miracle of Twitter, I was able to connect with the author of that letter. I’ve always wanted to meet her.  She’s my people.  She on the other hand may be just a little fearful of me.

9.   What’s the dumbest parenting tool, gear, gadget or device you ever bought?

We had one of those little springy jumpy seats that you hang from a door frame.  Which Emme immediately turned into a sling shot whenever we would place her innocent baby sister in it.

10.   How many years will it take for your child to become more tech-savvy than you?

When Emme was two, she could navigate the computer far better than I could.  Now, my 4 year old son can kick my sorry butt on the Wii.  And all 3 children know how to program the TiVo.  But put me in front of a board game and I can MOP THE FLOOR WITH ALL OF ‘EM.  And then Tweet about it.

My Peeps

Because of my job as a Momspotter for BlogHer, I spend more time on Twitter than ever before.  At first I was intimidated.  Y’all know how WORDY I can be.  How can I possible fit a thought into 140 character.

Not words.


And I’ll admit that my 10 yo has attempted to educate me on text-speak.  I have no idea where she picked up this foreign language, since she is not allowed to TEXT, but she has some interesting shortcuts.

And recently when she tried it out on an English assignment, she was gently reprimanded by her English teacher.  Who also told her to eat her vegetables.

Texting takes me a sweet FOREVER, since I insist on adding semi-correct punctuation and applying most spelling rules.

So it’s an absolute miracle when I post a Tweet on Twitter AND can cram a complete thought into my allotted 140 character limit. Although a few have @Fiddledee’d me with a WHAT ARE U TALKING ABOUT?

The greatest surprise that I’ve found about Twitter, is the wonderful community.  IN REAL TIME.

I would never ever give up blogging, but I’ve found Twitter to be an extension of a wonderfully supportive blogging community.  (And you don’t even have to have a blog to play.)

So.  Twitter has recently created a LIST function.  I am able to group people to help keep track of Tweeps that I’m following.  I have a LIST called “gurlfriends” that I’m still putting together.  Get it, G-url-friends.

I slay myself.

This list is basically you all.  I want to make sure that if you Twitter, I’ve got you in my list.  So, I’m going to put Mr. Linky up below, and if you have a Twitter account (go here to find out how to set one up if you want to play), please link up.  And btw, Jo-Lynne of Musings of a Housewife has a WONDERFUL crash course on the basics of Twitter.  Go here to read it.

This will be a fun way for all of us to keep track of one another, and meet new peeps.

A Twitter Party, as it were.

Type your name (or Twitter handle) in the first blank, and put your twitter URL in the second.  For example, here’s mine:

Fiddledeedee (1st space)
http://twitter.com/Fiddledeedee (2nd space)

Random & Disjointed Thoughts

•  Thank you so much for the Dressing recipes.  I loved hearing about your own family traditions.  Sturgmom, you totally reminded me about a family tradition I had forgotten about when I was growing up.  My mom, being the good southern woman that she was, always made ham, fried okra, cornbread, and black eyed peas on New Years Day.  I’m pretty sure she said that the black eyed peas were to be eaten on the first day of the new year for luck.

This was the same woman who loved to sing song “bread and butter” whenever we walked on opposites sides of a light pole, threw salt over her shoulder, and refused to step on a crack.  Knock on wood that I am NOT superstitious.


I’ve now amassed some amazing recipes for dressing/stuffing to try out on my trusting family.

And y’all, I’m serious, go check out Amanda’s food blog.  I giggle whenever I see the name.  And her recipes are to die for.

•  I finally got some good quality time away from this asylum/infirmary today.  Albeit in the form of a trip for the Annual Scraping of the Cervix.  You know that scene from “Cars” where Lightning McQueen speeds off down the road screaming FREEDOM!!!!  Well, that was me today.

Unfortunately I had 90 minutes to challenge myself to multiple games of iPhone Scrabble while sitting on my numb backside in the waiting room.   Without the benefit of snacks.

Still. It was quiet time. Time to contemplate what was about to happen to me while wearing a flimsy hospital gown.

I’m okay now. Don’t have to think about it for another year.

•  In completely unrelated news, Cailey finally learned how to ride her pink princess bike without the requisite  training wheels.  She’s 8. Her rotten mommy neglected to get her out and teach her when she hit the age of 6, which is generally the rite of passage age for two wheeled bike riding.

She finally took the handle bars into her own hands and just went for it.  I watched her fly down the street, wind in her blonde hair, bugs in her teeth, joy speed across her face.  Sadly, the art of turning and a small matter of braking have eluded her.

And remember, this is Cailey, who inherited her sense of coordination from me.

I’m staying well stocked in Barbie bandages.  And Amaretto.

The Amaretto is for me.  To wash down the Excedrin.

•  I learned this week that Mom’s Homeroom has been picked up for another year.  And best, they want me to continue on as Moderator for the Message Boards.  There will be some exciting changes and I look forward to sharing them with you when I’m able.

What a blessing that job has been to me and my family.

•  And I’m officially on the job as a Momspotter for BlogHer.  If you follow me on Twitter, that’s what all the #momspotting hashtags are about.  The Momspotters are roving reporters tweeting on how digital parenting is affecting our families.


A modern miracle.

BTW, has the Skype bug hit your house yet?

That’s all the bullet points I can muster.  Have a wonderful Thursday!


When Technology and Social Networking Collide in the Kitchen

My pulse is racing.  It may or may not have something to do with the McDonald’s coffee that I had for dinner.

I’m about to embark on an adventure that requires a working knowledge of All Things Technological and has a good deal to do with Social Networking.

Both of these things I have been blissfully oblivious to since I began blogging back in 2006.  Honestly, when Fiddledaddy first mentioned that I need to get a Blog, I thought he was talking about a frothy adult beverage.  In the three years since, my blog and I have weathered many a storm, including a domain change, a name change, and countless spelling faux pause and grammatical issues.  Plus an excessive use of commas.  And made up words.

But anyhoo.

In about a week or so, I’ll officially start as one of BlogHer’s Momspotters.  I’m excited at the prospect of reporting on digital parenting, and how technology is transforming the face of raising somewhat normal children.

And who better to do the reporting than me?  Someone who gets heart palpitations from simply recording the outgoing message on the answering machine.  But, I ain’t skeert.

The bloggers involved in this project were asked to tape a little video introducing themselves.  They can be found here.  I’m so enjoying getting to know the other Momspotters.

One aspect of my new assignment is to be active on Twitter.  THAT IS JUST PURE-DEE FUN!  A plethora of information.  People follow me.  I follow people.  BUT IT’S NOT LIKE STALKING.  I’m still totally learning the Twitter etiquette ropes there, but if you happen to follow me, and I’m not following you, leave me your Twitter address in the comments.

Also, and this makes me really feel like a goober.  But at the suggestion of a friend who is WAY more blog savvy than I am, I created a Fanpage on Facebook for Fiddledeedee.net.  (There’s a groovy button on my top right sidebar.)

The creation of said Fanpage took me an entire day, and a bottle of Tums.  And I’m still working out the bugs.  But when I got my first 2 fans, I squealed.  REALLY LOUD.  SHOUT OUT TO MY SWEET KELLI AND DANA!

Say it with me. GOOBER.

You’ll be hearing more about how I stumble through this little venture while landing on my soft spot, through the coming weeks.

But, mostly it will be business as usual.  With riveting posts that revolve around vomit and menstrual woes.  And totally awesome syntax errors.

Have a fabulous weekend, and I’ll be here on Saturday with Saturday Stirrings.  And yes, I’ve added Mr. Linky back into the mix.  Because TECHNOLOGICAL DOODAA’S DO NOT SCARE ME!