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The Hunted and the Hunter

Since I’ve had birds on the brain this week, I thought I’d share a little video I captured of my son.  I was taking Cailey to a birthday party, and much to her horror, the younger brothers were also invited so they could frolic at will.  Assaulting nature.

Jensen was one of the first brothers to arrive, so he found a way to keep himself occupied.  I caught the tail end of this particular stalking episode.  Featured is Jensen, the T-Rex, and an unsuspecting Sandhill Crane.

Which really, let’s just call them what they are….Pterodactyls.

I suspect this video illustrates why the dinosaurs are extinct while the Pterodactyl Sandhill Crane still roams the earth.

This T-Rex is just lucky he didn’t get his eyes pecked out.




Heaven is a Wonderful Place

A note from Fiddledaddy:
My dear Mom of 83 years has passed away suddenly, from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. She was hospitalized over Christmas, then just a few days ago came home to Hospice Care, where my Dad, all my brothers and sisters, in-laws and the older grandchildren kept a vigil by her side.
One of her most favorite things in this world was praying the Rosary. Sunday afternoon (the Feast of the Epiphany) a daughter-in-law began to pray those prayers aloud, others joined in, and soon all the family was gathered around her bed.
She decided that would be the perfect time to drift peacefully into the arms of Jesus.
Thank you for all your kindness to my family. We have laughed and cried and hugged each other, and felt your comfort across the miles.

God truly has a wonderful place waiting for each of us, and Mom has gone on ahead to get dinner started.


Together at Thanksgiving a few years ago

The Dog Whisperer

Interestingly, this is a child that will not be caught within 10 feet of a green vegetable.  So, the training is coming along splendidly.  And Mater is doing a pretty good job too…

Have an awesome weekend.

Water Logged

Fiddledaddy made me a quick little video of our Blizzard Beach outing on Mother’s Day. I’m living vicariously through my dare devil family as they hurl themselves down Summit Plummit. I so long to be able to attempt that feat. But then, it may be renamed Vomit Comit. Not as alluring, to be sure. Anyhoo, click on the image to view the video. And yes, that’s me safely ensconced in the raft built for 8. Danger girl. That would be me.