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Home Stretch

The following is an actual e-mail that I wrote to Emme’s boss (Emme is a life guard, btw.):

Hi Kristin,

Emme told me that she has a mandatory in-service meeting Sunday morning, May 20th.

I have to play the mom card and ask you if there’s any way she can miss this meeting?

Why?  That’s the morning that we have Senior Recognition at our church.  The Seniors don their caps and gowns and stroll across the stage as baby pictures flash on the large screen.  While their parents weep in the audience.

Why does this mean so much to me?  I’ve homeschooled Emme for 13 long years.  I’m still shocked that I ever taught her to read, as I was a reluctant homeschooling mom.  I pretty much still am, but my children are actually turning out okay.

May 20th is about me.  Not Emme.  I could barely get her into her cap and gown to try the thing on, she could care less.  In her mind she has already graduated and is poised on the brink of adulthood.

However, she has grown up in this church, and every year on Senior Recognition morning, I weep in the audience.  Not because I know any of the Seniors, but I’ve dreamed of the day when Emme will walk across that stage.  I’ve had the baby pictures all picked out for years.  I wish I were kidding.  I’ve been hoarding boxes of tissues when they go on BOGO at Publix for months.

So.  Is there any way she can miss this meeting?  If not, I suppose I could dress her sister up in the cap and gown and parade her up on the stage, but she looks nothing like her sister, and I think people might notice…..

Thank you,

DeeDee Hillmann

Homeschooling mom of 3 2

Kristen, who I know to be good-natured, said that this event trumps work.  I am forever in her debt.  When Emme learned of this e-mail, I received yet another hard eye roll.  One of many these last months, as she steps over her mother weeping uncontrollably while face down on the linoleum.

11 Responses to Home Stretch

  • My sweet girl is 16 and I still have two years to go but just the thought of her senior year makes me tear up (I was crying at your post). I so get it! I’ve already warned her that I plan on weeping through her senior year! Just expect it. It’s going to happen. Blessings to you as you enter this next season of life.

  • Love it. So. Much. I’ve missed hearing of your escapades!

  • Walking the same road with you girlie – one graduating college and another graduating high school – thank you for making me laugh – I miss you!

    • It cannot be possible that our babies are graduating. Weren’t we just 20 years old zipping up and down interstate 35 in a car with one working door? Stopping at every fast food joint between San Antonio and Dallas? I miss you more than words can say, my sweet friend.

  • Yay! I’m happy you wrote again! I can’t relate to the story as a newly married woman with no children, but I still loved it.

  • Love this so much! Can’t wait to photos from the day!

  • Congratulations, Dee Dee and, er, um, Emme! Pretty impressive feat for you both and oh how you have such a way with your words. MR

  • Love and hugs to you! My oldest graduated 3 years ago. Life will go on, however, I cry every time we part ways still 3 years later. My youngest just turned 16. I now get teary-eyed when I find a can of green beans in the pantry with an expiration date of 2020 knowing she’ll graduate soon enough and that those green beans will still be edible when she does. That’s not nearly long enough for me.

    Have missed your words of wisdom and humor!

  • You are such a gifted writer friend. I love how you capture our sometimes mundane life and bring humor and joy to it! I remember crying for Kinder graduation and high school wasn’t any better. You are an amazing mom with a beautiful family. I know Margaret thinks your family is even more beautiful than I.

    • Well for crying out loud. That just made me teary. Thank you, my friend.

      Tom said that I owe Emme a dollar for writing about her. I say nay. She’s an adult now. I’m going to write at will…. Hahahahaha. Love you!!!!!

  • Oh honey! I’m in the very same boat! My girlie, who was born yesterday, will graduate from high school (reluctant homeschool Momma, party of 2?!) AND community college on the 12th. Oh how did we get here!