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Angry Birds

This morning, I was out on my walk (I know, RIGHT?) and was heading back homeward.  I noticed something in the distance that looked like a black cat, with short stubby legs, crossing the street.  Followed by another one.  OTTERS.  The were ambling down my sidewalk.  Just then, the two Sandhill Cranes that loiter at the end of our street noticed the otters.  I see these birds most every morning while walking.  They ignore cars and humans, but still, I give them a wide berth.  Then with outstretched wings, they took chase after the Otters.  And they were angry.  I suspect there was some bad history between those two Otters and the embittered Sandhill Cranes.

And what luck, they were all heading towards ME.  I was immobilized.  I have a healthy fear of potential alligators when I’m out on my morning walk, but Otters have never given me pause.  However, LARGE ANGRY BIRDS THAT ARE MY HEIGHT AND HEADING RIGHT FOR ME, well, I may have issues with that.  I saw Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.  I’m all MY EYES, MY EYES.

And with that I sprinted across the street to watch the spectacle unfold.  My earbuds kept me from hearing the sound of my own screams.

Do Sandhill Cranes even eat otters?  I knew that I didn’t want to bear witness to THAT.  But still, I was curious.

The otters cut through some bushes and made haste down into a canal and subsequent storm drain.  The Cranes, with their long spindly legs, made their way down into the shallow canal and cornered the otters, now safely behind the gated drain.

This was the only picture I captured.  Because what with fearing for my life and all.

The birds, intent on waiting them out, stood beaks pointed to drain.  Unmoving. I stood in relative safety on the other side of the street, hoping to witness the outcome.  As long as it wasn’t gruesome.

However, near starvation and thirst won out (mine).  I lost focus and headed home.

Fiddledaddy’s observation when I retold the saga: “I’ve got to train you to forgo your safety, in order to capture the photo.”

Otters in the hood.  I’m pretty sure our intrepid homeowners association will never approve.

We’ll just file this under “only in Florida.”

2 Responses to Angry Birds

  • Geez, that’s nuts. LOL I don’t like seeing anything out of the ordinary on my walks. Just keep it nice and boring for me, thankyouverymuch. (ps..Love your new header)

  • I usually see snakes on my walk. Alive and dead, and many dead frogs.