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Running Amok

Since I’ve been feeling better, I started walking early in the morning.  Exercise was one of those things that I knew I needed to do, but near-debilitating joint pain and discomfort stood in the way.

Not all that long ago, it occurred to me that nothing hurt.  I stood still, closed my eyes, and had a revelation that I was not experiencing any pain.  At all.  And that feeling continued.  One of the only two supplements I’ve been taking is CuraMed (for inflammation and it includes Curcumin) and Vitamin D.  This is a very different regimen from when I had to take upwards of 70 pills a day including antibiotics and various herbal medications.

So now I walk.  I do kind of a fast/slow interval walk, replete with 70’s music piped in.  My children would be horrified.  I really have perfected speed walking, even what with my stubby legs and all.  Fiddle daddy calls me Shorty McShorty.

He gets really agitated when he climbs into the van and I have the seat set to “crush upon impact” so that my feet can reach the pedals.  He has bruises on his knees that he will show you if you ask.

So I was on my walk yesterday and I had a thought.  “I want to run.  On purpose.”  Anyone who knows me well knows that I don’t run.  Even before the Lyme Disease, and even before two unnecessary knee surgeries left me with a severely thinned ACL, I didn’t run.  And if I did happen to run, you needed to run too because something really really bad was coming.

So I took off running.  And to the naked eye, it might have looked more like Phoebe from Friends attempting to run.  (Look it up on youtube.)  That’s what the neighbors were treated to.  But still, I ran.  Not far. Not fast. Not pretty.  But I ran.  And I didn’t break anything.  Except a sweat.

I returned home looking more disheveled than usual.  I informed a child that I ran.  “MOM RAN?”  As other children heard this they repeated incredulously, “MOM RAN????”

Word got around to my dear friend and partner in crime, Andrea, who I talked into coming to the beach nice and early with me the next morning.  She and I have always stood in solidarity that we don’t do the beach.  And yet, there we were sitting in our beach chairs, watching our teenagers surf, while facing the ocean and beautiful billowy clouded sky.  I audibly noted how nice the sand felt on my toes.  She shifted uncomfortably.  Then she remarked that I was eating something that looked like a delicious dessert concoction, but I told her it was a salad.  After a few moments someone offered me a chocolate-filled donut, which I politely declined.  Just then a bike rode by in front of us, and I mused that it might be fun to ride a bike on the beach.

She couldn’t take it any longer.  She turned to me “WHO ARE YOU?”

I chuckled.  I KNOW, RIGHT?

I’m just someone who is anxious to do a lot of catching up on life.  I will simply need to do it in my orthopedic sneakers.


14 Responses to Running Amok

  • You go girl!!!!!

  • DeeDee, you rock.
    Another Shorty McShorty

  • You live in FL and you don’t do the beach? What kind of heresy is this?? Haha

    I don’t run either. It is just incredibly painful for days afterward when I try, so I stick to fast walking. I have a friend who runs the Boston Marathon almost every year, and one year she trained me for 12 weeks. My final goal was to do a 5k. She knew I don’t run, which was fine-we just trained for me to speed walk it. Well, about a week before the 5k, she did a practice walk with me of the course, with the promise to do the 5k with me. Because she trains to run, she uses all different muscles apparently, and she was so sore from that fast walk, she actually had to see a dr. Suffice it to say, she did not walk the 5k with me, especially because she was flying to Boston the next day for the marathon and didn’t want to be too sore for that. That encouraged me to know that running isn’t better than walking. It just uses different muscles.

    • Crista! Here’s to power walking!!! Which is superior in that we don’t jiggle so much. And it generally doesn’t look as weird!!! 😉

  • Oh the conviction! I have to add some sort of exercise to my life.


    You. Go. Girl.

    70s music and all.

  • I am so jealous. But I am thankful that I can still walk and do a few squats every day. Keep up the good work.

    P. S. I love the beach and the sand in my toes.

  • My running days, and they were years ago and very brief, are over. I’m grateful that I can do a slow walk now. All I can say is that as I get older I keep picking up unwanted traveling companions, you know like VPAP machines, oxygen at night, pacemaker, among others.

    It was wonderful to hear you describe your desire to run and do things you ordinarily haven’t been able to do. Woohoo!!!

  • So HAPPY for you Dee Dee…!!! Your success is our inspiration…. Not only that… Your suggesting my daughter had Lyme is saving Grace for us…!! Love You!

    • I really do feel like God used me as a foghorn for Lyme awareness. And for that, it was worth it. I will continue to pray for your sweet Grace. She will win this battle!!!!

  • Hi DeeDee! I’m so glad to see you posting; you know I’ve been reading as long as you’ve been writing :). Where did 10 years go???

    So today I bought the Nova Scotia version of Curamed and can’t wait to see if I get the same great results.

    We’re your ears ringing this morning? I was talking about you, your Lyme battle, and this latest running development during VBS while the kids were having their snacks. Two more days until VBS is done, hallelujah, praise the Lord. Next year my two will both be teens and able to be leaders and I will be done… there are definitely perks to the passing of time!

    • Seriously, I hear that. My girls volunteer and this was Jensen’s last year in VBS. Which means that NEXT YEAR he’ll be in junior high. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. 🙂

  • I’m so glad to see that you are blogging again! I have followed you for years and you always make me laugh! (I’m so glad you are feeling better too!)