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The Christmas Picture

When the kids were very small, we made it a Christmas tradition to take our Christmas photo ourselves.  In other words, a “selfie”,  before the term was coined.  Most of the time we would simply set the timer on the camera and go with whatever showed up on the screen.

Here is perhaps one of my all time favorite Hillmann Christmas photos.


This one was a close second.

Christmas_photoAfter Jensen entered the fray, all bets were off and pretty much all Christmas photo (selfie or otherwise) ideas were out the window.  We’ll just call it survival mode.  We were happy to get a tree up.

This year, Fiddledaddy decided that we needed to reinstate the sometime annual selfie Christmas photo.  To be taken on Christmas day.

Florida has chosen not to celebrate December with, you know, cold.  Instead, our temperatures Christmas week hovered in the mid-80’s.  I’m not complaining, I know many many of you are suffering through ice and snow.  Okay.  I am complaining.  I  spent many growing up years in Cincinnati, and COLD is synonymous with Christmas.  Of course, as my dad loves to remind me, I never had to shovel or drive in the snow.  Whatever.  White Christmases are magical.

To celebrate my love of a white Christmas, we headed to the beach, about 10 minutes away.  If it weren’t for the sand (which is really not all that white), the beach would be fantastic.  (Sarcasm alert)

Okay.  I’m not a fan of the beach.  Fiddledaddy wonders how this never came up in pre-marital counseling.  Along with the fact that I never saw any of the first 3 Star Wars movies.  But that’s another story.

Using a brand new selfie stick, here’s what we came up with:

Christmas_2015For fun, Fiddledaddy had us walking for an action shot.  This meant that I had to walk, in the sand, without looking down, while smiling into the camera, which I really couldn’t see because of the GLARE OF ALL THE SAND.  This is secretly my favorite picture.

Christmas_beachI just wish I had thought to set my favorite inconspicuous black 35 cent Goodwill purse down before we trotted out onto the sand.  I look so happy and well adjusted.  A Christmas miracle since I’d had not a drop of laced Egg Nog yet.

Other beach going families had the same idea.  I saw one intrepid family in their speedos, bikinis, and santa hats at the waters edge taking their Christmas picture.  (I’m pretty sure Egg Nog was involved.)

We’re totally doing that next year.

Merry Belated Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


3 Responses to The Christmas Picture

  • Happy almost new year!

  • Great picture. I watched Star Wars for the first time last night. And I don’t do the beach. Soul sistas!

  • I thought those pictures were excellent as well as your prior ones. Your beautiful family and very photogenic!

    But I just can’t believe that you’re not a beach person that you haven’t seen Star Wars! One of my best friends has never seen any of the Star Wars movies and I looked her in the eye and asked her how she could be one of my best friends? But I accept her for who she is – an un-nerd. 😉