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Super Mom, in my mind

Every once in a while I have a flash of brilliance.  I’m having to go back a ways, but I thought I’d share the rare moment when under duress, I executed a really really good idea.

Our church hosts Trunk or Treat on Halloween each year.  Usually I host and decorate a trunk.  I found this to be especially useful after my kids were old enough to wander around the event with their friends.  If I host a trunk, I get to pretty much stay in one spot.  All The Wandering does not appeal to me.

I did have a poignant moment this year when I realized that 5 years ago, I had to attend Trunk or Treat with my children, while I sat in a wheel chair.

Not so this year.  I’m not doing handsprings, but I’m fairly spry.

My teenagers had aspirations of dressing up as princesses and decorating our trunk to match.  The day prior to the event, I realized that while they were going to look stunning, no thought had been given to the actual trunk.  I also knew that a gaggle of their friends would also be there and I’d likely only catch glimpses of them as they sashayed to and fro.

In other words, I’d be sitting in my lonely camping chair with a naked trunk.

I took matters into my own hands.  I fired my decorators and hired myself.  On the day of Trunk or Treat, I wriggled into my SuperMan t-shirt (replete with red cape), put my hair in rollers, slipped on yellow rubber gloves, and went as SUPER MOM.

The trunk was a snap.  I rolled out an area rug, dusted off the ironing board to use as a table, filled a wash tub to hold the candy, threw the laundry baskets filled with laundry onto the pavement, strung a clothesline across the back of the van and hung some towels with clothespins.

Whole set-up was decorated in less than 10 minutes.


And then the fun began.  As the children filed past, I gave them candy and then yelled at them to remember to brush their teeth and BE NICE TO THEIR MOM.  I didn’t get to do much sitting, but I had a fantastic time.

Super Mom will likely make a return appearance next year.  But with BIGGER AND BETTER props.  I want to bring a barkalounger and work in a toilet brush somehow.  I may even serve wine to fellow harried moms.  Oh wait.  Church event.  Nevermind.

Who says Halloween is for kids.


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