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Decking the Walls

For the first time in the history of, well, me, I have all of our Christmas decorations up AND IT’S STILL NOVEMBER.  Generally the deed trails on long into December, and I’m tripping over decorations boxes for weeks.

Not so anymore.  I spent one dedicated day to putting the tree up, with the help of two reluctant elves who were grounded and had nothing better to do.  I also decided to simplify.  I’m not putting the Christmas village up this year.

Jensen nearly had a heart attack at this intel, because he looks forward to the dinosaurs overtaking the village and dining on hapless villagers.


I did set him loose on the manger, but I drew the line at giving him the baby Jesus (who makes a surprise appearance on Christmas morning).  The dinosaurs destroyed the manger, and wise men were scattered near and far.  I pried two baby sheep out of a T-Rex’s jaws and declared the manger off limits.  It now sits atop the kitchen counter where I can gaze upon it as I slave over dinner.

But something is amiss, I fear.


The biggest time saver this year is the application of the outdoor lighting.  No more climbing up precarious ladders.  We have discovered the joys of “laser lighting.”  Recently one of our camping  friends brought this to light up the forest.  Spectacular.  Hardly any of the camping boys lost the use of their eyes when staring into the laser beam.

Behold, the front of our house.  Okay, this is not really our house.  But it’s what it would look like.  If the yard were well kept.  And it belonged in a magazine.

And the Starshower Laser Light is portable.  I can move it to the backyard during bonfires.  Or to freak out the wildlife in the nature preserve.  It’s  available at Walmart for right around $40.  WORTH IT.

Fiddledaddy was quizzed by a neighbor who was concerned by the number of electrical outlets needed.  ONLY ONE, MR. GRISWOLD.

Now on to the Christmas shopping.

Which I haven’t even started.

Baby steps.


3 Responses to Decking the Walls

  • So happy to see your posts again.

  • No dinosaurs in the Village?! I’m not sure how to process this information!

    Christmas shopping is supposed to be done by now? I haven’t started yet either. Amazon Prime is my best friend. Who am I kidding, Amazon Prime is ALWAYS my best friend!
    Happy Shopping!

    • Brook, the manger did not remain unscathed. Sadly. Photographic evidence to follow soon.

      And Amazon Prime is my best friend too. Woohoo! {{{Hugs}}}