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Clean as a Whistle

(In the interest of full disclosure, I wrote this today thinking it might be inappropriate for Thanksgiving.  But I think I’ve reached the age wherein I’m totally okay with All The Inappropriate.  And besides, it may be a slight step up from past Thanksgiving posts that I’ve re-posted.  And with that, I will bid you a  Happy Thanksgiving!)

My elderly father-in-law recently went through rehab after a fall.  Fiddledaddy’s siblings all set about the task of doing what they can to make him as comfortable as possible while living at home.  He is a stubborn New Yorker who transplanted to Florida in the 1960’s with his bride and 4 children.  In that home, two more children were added and a lifetime of memories were made.

It is understandable that he wants to live out his days in that sweet house.

One of the more globe-trotting of the siblings purchased and installed a bidet in PopPop’s bathroom.  To make that area of his life a little easier.  Enough said.  And if you are unsure of what a bidet is, just let Dr. Mercola explain what our European cousins already know.

At first there was a good deal of chatter among the siblings, but one by one they all filtered over to PopPop’s house for a close-up inspection of the bidet.  Most scoffed, “It’s all well and good until one of the great grandchildren use it as a drinking fountain.”  I just hope I’m there for that.

Fiddledaddy went nearly immediately to Amazon.com and purchased a bidet for our Master Bath.

At first I was dubious.  Change is hard, after all.  But I’m nothing if not adventurous.  But let me just give you a word of warning:  keep the dial set to “low” for beginners.  I do not need to elaborate.  I’ve heard stories of fancy bidets that warm the water and then offer a gentle blow dry.  I say nay.  To the basic bidet model, I give a hearty WOOHOO.

Sing with me, in the key of C, “Sweet mystery of life at last I’ve found you.”

Then he purchased a bidet for the kid’s bathroom.  Hoping above all hopes to cut down on the amount of toilet paper my son blows through.  I’m certain that many forests have been felled needlessly.

The girls pretend it doesn’t exist.  Jensen thinks it’s the best thing since sliced bread.  Until a certain sister sets it to “girl mode” just to mess with him.

I don’t know, maybe it goes back to his toilet obsession of long ago.  But the kids spends a lot of time in the bathroom.  A LOT OF TIME.  We know he’s still alive in there only because of the constant singing, and occasional roaring.  We’re hoping the installation of the bidet lessens his time in the bathroom.  Hope springs eternal.  However, I fear it could have the opposite effect.

But Houston, we have a problem.

Fiddledaddy is so proud of his bidet installations, he has forbid anyone in the house from ever using the toilet as a receptacle for vomit.

Think about that for a moment.

It’s not like, once you feel the urge to let loose, you have a lot of time to think about, hmmmm, what shall I use instead?

The sink?  The floor?  My hands?


Since Jensen is still dealing with nausea from his ear infection, I had to tap into my inner-Pinterest and gave him a 6 gallon paint bucket lined with a large black trash bag.  It has a wide open mouth to collect deposits and would be a snap to clean up by wrapping it closed  and applying the lid when the deed is done.  Thusly ensuring freshness.  I think it will work, that is, if he actually HITS the opening.

It’s a conundrum that I will need to ponder prior to flu season.  I’m guessing that if Fiddledaddy is the first to succumb to the flu, all bidet bets will be off.

In the meanwhile, I promise not to discuss vomit for a very very long time.  Pinky swear.

Bidet stories, I’m sure, will be fair game.  Any other bidet converts?


5 Responses to Clean as a Whistle

  • Oh dear friend, what a way to wake up! I laughed so hard. I have had much experience in this department as my house came equipped with one. I have lots to share; however, this might be better left for conversation in person as I fear I will scare off all your readers! Thanks for oversharing!

  • We too share the love of the bidet. I had read up on the benefits of using one several years ago and began asking for one for our master bathroom. We finally found one that attaches to the toilet. My husband did put in a hot water line so it would be a bit more comfortable. I love it. I miss it when we our away on vacation.

  • My husband is an engineer and efficiency is his goal in every aspect of life. His solution to the vomit situation was pure genius. One of his daughters could vomit at will and often did. I share your vomit avoidance as I am a charter member of the sympathy yakker club. He took the black garbage bag and used it to line a large laundry basket, thus giving the child a large target and easy disposal. He would leave it beside her bed so she could lean over and empty her guts without having to dash across the hallway to the bathroom. He even kept extra bags in her room when she was sick so he could line the basket before he trekked to the garbage can. Efficiency achieved!

    • Molli, just so you know, I blacked out while reading this comment. It is, however, brilliant. I’m off to purchase a laundry basket that I won’t mind burning… 🙂