Red Neck Wine

A couple of years ago our American Heritage Girls scouting troop had a Father/Daughter dance themed “Duck Dynasty.”  I have to admit that I had absolutely no idea what they were talking about.  Some friends filled me in and I sent Fiddledaddy off bedecked in flannel and camouflage.  Still, I was perplexed.

Because we got rid of our cable and instead erected an antenna on the house (only because the coat hanger and foil were unsightly), I had never seen the actual show.  I knew the basic premise, but had not fully experienced Uncle Si, Phil, Willie,  Ms. Kay and the gang.

Then the A&E controversy exploded after the GQ interview, which I have to say in my heart that I believe was a calculated move on A&E’s part because YOU CANNOT PAY FOR PUBLICITY LIKE THAT.

And sure enough, I was curious.  We were able to pull up the first season of Duck Dynasty through our Wii on Amazon Prime (free).  And I watched.  And I laughed until tears flew from my eyes.  I can close my eyes and listen to Ms. Kay talk and I SWEAR I’m hearing my sweet Aunt Audine.

I know I know.  Reality TV.  Mostly scripted.  But good golly, I love that family.   We have Seasons 2 and 3 on hold at the library.  It may be awhile, we’re way down on the list.  Lots of our neighbors evidently have the same plan.

Anyhoo.  The point of this post.  I KNOW.  A POINT.  How novel.  Jensen and I were in WalMart a while back and noticed a Duck Commander Wine display.  “MOM, we’ve got to get THAT for Dad.”  I thought I’d check with him first to see if he was game.  I mean, we saw the “we just bought a winery” episode and the sight of Uncle Si stomping grapes with his bare feet was seared into my frontal cortex.

Time went by and this week I sat putting together my WalMart shopping list.  Jensen loudly reminded me, “DON’T FORGET THE DUCK DYNASTY WINE, MOM!”  Thereby solidifying our redneck status.


(Fiddledaddy thought it would be fun to photograph the label in front of my algae-infested aquarium. Whatever.)

I just caught sight of Fiddledaddy trying to unscrew it, since that’s what you might expect from Duck Commander wine.  Alas, a corkscrew was dispatched.  Fiddledaddy has deemed it delicious.  And it’s less than $9.00.  No, I haven’t tried it.  I don’t know good wine from bad wine.  I was ruined in my impetuous youth by Mad Dog 20/20.

One thing that I appreciate about the sale of this wine is that it has been put out by Duck Commander, so the profits belong to the family business.

Bottoms up, y’all.


4 Responses to Red Neck Wine

  • A&E has an app that allows you to watch the current episode not long after it airs. That’s how I get my DD fix. 😉

    My brother got me hooked. Didn’t take me long to cave and purchase all three seasons. If you were closer, I’d share with you. 🙂

  • Wait until you watch the one where Si and Jase take Willie’s RV to pick up some ATVs. I had to pause it until I could control myself I was laughing so hard! (The one where Si and Phil go to parent’s day at the kids school is priceless, too) We love DD at our house. Although I think my 16 year-old watches it just to see John Luke!
    I am going to have to look for that wine!

  • The library copy of season 2 currently lives at my house. 🙂

  • Oh my goodness, I completely agree that closing my eyes makes it seem as though I’m at a Mississippi family reunion. The voices are so familiar, it is uncanny. I think that’s why I love the show–because they are family. It makes the six and a half hour split between me and them seem just a little smaller.