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Accepting Donations for the Therapy Fund

It’s no secret that we’ve been homeschooling for 9 long years.  That’s a lot of hours with my 3 high strung children, if you’re doing the math.  This year I thought I’d try something a bit different.  One day a week, while I have Emme off taking classes at a wonderful local co-op (covering all the courses that I’m reluctant to attempt, like SCIENCE, and DISSECTING STUFF), I also have Cailey and Jensen enrolled in a program that allows them to attend a very very small private school for that same one day a week.  They bring the curriculum that I have them doing at home, and are able to get help if needed, as well as participate in some group projects.

My rationale is that now I should no longer be drowning in paperwork, as we run basically two of my husband’s businesses.  {{{Psst, still drowning in paperwork, but at least I’m doing it quietly one day a week.}}}

Anyhoo.  When the kids get home from their schooling that day, I re-check their work and log it into my homeschooling journal.  While perusing Jensen’s PACE work (Accelerated Christian Education), I discovered this:


His Supervisor for today was the sweet lady who runs this small private school.  This is the same bedraggled teacher who must endure Jensen’s thirst for violence in the form of extra dinosaur drawings devouring their prey on nearly each page he completes.  As you might imagine, the child goes through red markers at an alarming rate.

What the heck.  Except for the excessive capitalization, I think his handwriting and grammar are fantastic.

It’s the little victories.


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