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Rainbow Loom – the gift that keeps on giving

I had done a good deal of my Christmas shopping prior to the plague setting in.  One of the items on Cailey’s I Wish I Wish list was a Rainbow Loom.  For those of you who live under a rock, or are not the parent of a tween-aged girl, this is a pegged contraption in which you can place tiny colored rubber bands in order to make brightly colored bracelets.

The only local craft store that carries the original “Rainbow Loom” is Michael’s.  And they will not let you use any coupons when purchasing.  The gall.  I was able to use a 40% coupon for the handy carrying case.


Cailey is my crafty sort of kid.  She loves intricate crafts like Origami.  Projects that would take two pair of reading glasses should I attempt them.  And ever since she opened this gift on Christmas morning I haven’t heard much from her.  Just separating the colored bands can take several quiet HOURS.

Which is her gift to me.

Cailey is my child who absolutely must get the last word in in any situation.  She will argue with a brick wall.  She delights in giving helpful instruction and direction to her siblings, which as you might imagine, turns my house into a war zone.

However, when she is working on her Rainbow Loom, a calm peacefulness besets her, as she concentrates on her latest creation.  And she has been able to go to Rainbowloom.com to see how-to videos, so her designs are never duplicated.



As of this writing, she has bands going up both arms up to her elbows.  She’s running out of real estate, even after giving many out to family members and friends.

In order to keep the continued peace in the house, I’ve had a brilliant idea and have commissioned her to make a turtle neck for myself.

Getting in and out of it may prove problematic.  But at least it will be stretchy.  Which is a necessary wardrobe requirement as of late.

Any other mothers of Rainbow Loom fanatics?


7 Responses to Rainbow Loom – the gift that keeps on giving

  • My 8yr old SON asked for one for his birthday (Sept) so that’s what he got. Yes, he also has enough to cover most of both arms along with a few necklaces, the items he’s made for us and the various things his friends have made for him. His Nana sent him a ton of new bands for xmas so he is well stocked up. I suppose I should break down and buy him a case to sort the colors into but, it gives me a bit more quiet time when he has to search for all the colors he needs 😉

  • We have not had the privilege of getting on that band wagon yet, as my daughter is only 6, and would much rather be practicing her ballet at the moment. However I know several kids who are making them and selling them and giving the money to charity, or to at least pay for new rubber bands. 😉 Our school also did a loops for troops, where they collected anything you made and sent them oversees, to the troops.

  • My daughter got one from her Aunt and spent part of her Christmas money on more bands. It keeps her busy for hours! Love it!

  • My girl, Cailey’s twin I’m sure, has a CraZy loom. And she too spends many quiet hours working on it.

  • My girlfriend is actually a rainbow loom fanatic. I made her a website so she can find rubber bands on sale. Hopefully it’ll be of some use for you too: Rainbowloomdeals.com

  • How did she make the one with the big flower? In the picture of them on her wrist it’s the one closest to her hand.

    • Hi Virginia,

      I think for the most advanced ones, she found them from the other website I linked to. But that website took her to YouTube for the difficult ones she couldn’t find on Rainbowloom.com. I’m not letting loose on You Tube anymore, so I’m hoping to put together a disc of You Tube how-to’s for her. (Does that make sense?) She’s also designing her own (made a Mermaid, super CUTE) so I may film her doing a how-to and host it on my own site.

      Hope this helps! 🙂