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A Lyme-y Update

Ninety-nine per cent of the mail I receive from the Contact page of this blog has to do with my Lyme Disease.  A number of those sweet people are either asking about my protocol or inquiring about the doctor that treated me for Lyme.

I thought I’d pen a little update on my progress.

I still have Lyme Disease.  But I’m a functioning Lyme patient.  Not all Lyme sufferers are able to function.  I thank God every day for the ability to walk across the room.  To be able to wash my own hair.  To be able to drive a car.  To be able to remember my own phone number.

Because there was a time, not so long ago, that I could do none of those things with any degree of proficiency.

After my diagnosis, I was on a regime of antibiotics and herbal/vitamin supplements for 18 months.  That ever-changing protocol gave me my life back.  I then went into what I would only describe as a Lyme-remission.  My blood work tells the tale that I’m still battling Lyme.  I do have some recurring symptoms such as extreme fatigue and significant joint pain.  If I’ve been sitting for any length of time and then decide to trot over to the refrigerator for snacking opportunities, I look rather like the little old man from Laugh In.

Some days too little movement does me in.  Some days too much movement does me in.  It’s all about knowing my limitations and pacing myself.  Ibuprofin is my friend.

I was placed back on antibiotics over the summer but had a bad reaction.  The first bad reaction I’ve ever had to an antibiotic.  So for now I’m traveling a different road.  From the research that I’ve done (and by “I’ve” I mean Fiddledaddy because we all know he’s the research king around here, and he wishes that I would at least read directions…which I don’t) “I’ve” discovered that the human immune system is wonderfully designed to fight infection and disease.  My job is to build up my own immune system to keep this insidious disease at bay.  My doctor believes that I have been infected with Lyme for years, and my body did a fine job fighting it off, until one fateful bout of a virus knocked my whole family on our backsides a number of years ago.  I began having knee pain (Lyme can often begin by infecting a large joint) and after 2 (unnecessary knee surgeries) the Lyme spread throughout my entire system.

But don’t get me started.

So.  I’m keeping my Vitamin D levels up with supplements, plus other horse pills, Oregano Oil, etc.  I’ve started a stretching program and am veering away from sugar plus other inflammatory foods.  (Hold me.)

To look at me you wouldn’t know I am sick.  I wear make-up, brush my hair, and display a mostly sunny attitude.  I wish I could say that I don’t complain, but my husband would set the record straight.

I have two dear friends who also suffer from a disease of the auto-immune system.  When asked how I’m feeling, I can tell them the truth.  They get it.  And they can share their woes with me.  It’s like an unspoken club.  With anyone else, I’m likely to spout “Dandy!”  I don’t ever want to be known as a whiner.

I really am doing fine, and I do feel like I have a handle on all of this.  So if you ask me how I’m doing and I say “Dandy” I really mean it.  I’ve come a long long way.

Fiddledaddy was talking to me in the van Sunday morning on our way to church, reminding that I need to look for ways to reduce my stress.

So I jumped out of the moving van…

It was the first thing I thought of…

Seriously, I homeschool 3 children.  Three high-spirited children.  I’m going through menopause.  HOW DO I REDUCE STRESS?

After some serious thought, I’ve come up with an answer:


Not even kidding.  And I only went with the day-glo ear plugs because I couldn’t find my usual clear ones.  I only hope that Jensen doesn’t find the used ones on my night stand and think they are gummies…

Other stress reducers in my life include a wonderfully supportive husband, some really really dear friends who make me laugh out loud, and other precious readers who have supported me with encouragement and prayer over all of these years.

I appreciate you so much.

Happy Monday!


7 Responses to A Lyme-y Update

  • May the Lord continue to heal and restore you while continuing to give You humor and a fresh, sassy way to express it. Thanks for your insights!

  • Thanks, DeeDee. This encouraged me and it had nothing to do with Lyme disease. You have no idea how you can reach people… just do what you do, and God uses it. Thank Fiddledaddy, too, for the research. There’s nothing like have the support and assistance of your man! I pray that God blesses both of you! ♥♥

  • Thankful you are doing “well” and functional. Thanks for being so positive..it rubs off. : ) On a side note…andro graphis. Check it out, if ‘you’ haven’t already. ; )

  • We love you, Dee!

  • I love that you’ve created a space here where you can be you and so many others are encouraged by both your story and your bookworthy antics.

    Yours is one of the rare (Christian) blogs that I frequent that I have never had a “oh-that-makes-me-blush” or “uh-oh-there-might-be-some-backlash-for-that-remark” moment because you have taught us that while we don’t have to agree, we do have to be respectful and that is a degree of decorum that I really appreciate, one that is often lost in the anonymity of the Internet.

    This (blog) is your world and you light it up like the sun on a cloudy day!

  • Thank you for your encouragement!
    We have homeschooled for 26 years and our 27-year-old daughter has just been diagnosed with late stage lyme!
    We hope she will be able to start treatment soon. Please pray for our family. We also, just lost a 19-year-old son to cancer.

  • I don’t know if you remember me or not but you emailed me last year because I left a Freaked Out comment on your Lyme blog post from last year. We were just contemplating homeschooling and I was still bed- and wheelchair-ridden. We have been homeschooling for a year now and it is an incredible commitment but has been going well. I relapsed a few weeks ago, back to managing lots of rest and still get everything done. Thought I’d come back here and see what you were up to now. Nice to know there are others out there struggling with the same things. Thanks for continuing to post!