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Everybody gets a ribbon

My daughters’ sport of choice for the last two years has been swimming.  We’re in the throws of the swim season now.  This is a fortunate choice of sport since they inherited their father’s long lean physique.  All they have to do is push off from one side of the pool and they are half way across before you can blink.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFirst born, practice dive off the block


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASecond born, practice dive off the block

All this aside, I might have preferred an indoor sport.  Because when your child swims?  You are outside.  In Florida.  And Florida does not acknowledge that it is now October.  After the swim meet we had this last Saturday, I’m proud to state that I’m down 3 dress sizes.

All the parents have to volunteer for some aspect of the swim meets.  Because I am nothing if not smart, I jumped on the bandwagon and immediately signed up for Tent Mom for the Jr/Sr group.  The job of Tent Mom is the parent whose job it is to wrangle the kids in that age group and make sure they get to their lanes in the right order when the event is up.  I chose the Jr/Sr group because the kids are all taller than I am.  I cannot lose them.  As opposed to, say, keeping track of the 8 year olds, which is rather like herding grasshoppers.  And besides, I get to carry a clipboard.  And look official-like.

Like the job description says, I get to stay under the tent.  That is, when my kid’s are not in the starting line up.

There are those poor saps who were left with no other job than to stand out in the blazing sun for THREE TO FOUR hours and hold the stop watch and hand out ribbons.  And we are a part of a league that believes that EVERYONE GETS A RIBBON.  The ribbons do state “first”, “second”, all the way down to “eighth”.  They would go further if we had more swimming lanes.

My Jr/Sr team (which includes my own teenager) netted a couple of 1st place ribbons.  Very proud moments, to be sure.

One part of the job description that no one warned me about is that of Doughnut Police.  More than once I had to knock a Krispy Kreme out of a kid’s hand as I knew their event was just seconds away.  There is nothing that clears a pool faster than vomit during a backstroke.  Well.  That’s not altogether true.  I can think of one other pool clearing culprit.

Let’s hear it for all those parent volunteers.  Of all sports.  We’re the ones who ought to be netting the ribbons.  Amen?


8 Responses to Everybody gets a ribbon

  • Well, at the very least, the donuts.

  • Great sport for lean girls!! 🙂

  • Charlie loved swim team this summer. Our season was only 6 weeks and ended in July. Houston is like FL weather. He can’t wait to do it again.

    I was tent parent for 7/8 year old boys. I’m proud to say they decided I was the meanest parent ever.

    We only gave ribbons for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and participation.

    I think all sports parent volunteers should get ribbons/trophies and bottles of booze.

  • Agreed! After getting up at zero dark thirty, lugging the ice chest, pop-up tent, chairs, etc., enduring the California heat and getting my daughter to her correct lane at the correct time, as well as, our volunteer shift. I think we moms deserve ribbons and more!

  • Amen.

    In other news, we had snow and bitter cold temps that hovered between frigid and frozen.

  • Not only in sports…for those in public schools, all due blessings and prayers belong to…room mothers. With the twins, Karin is full time in one room and half in the other. Oh my…

  • Ugh. That brings back some sweaty memories of my own swim team days (shudder).

    And my darling dearest Dee Dee, it’s throes. Throes of swim season. 🙂 Unless you are throwing your children? not that I’d blame you, to be sure. I may or may not have thrown my children into pools before…… 😉

  • AMEN for parents who volenteer for ANYTHING connected with school. You all keep the schools running no matter the weather or if in a sport or in the class room. You all Rock and good for you getting down 3 dress sizes.