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If only T.J. Maxx served libations

Thursdays are a special day for me.  This is the day that I have all the children occupied at various co-ops or a learning facility so that I have one day a week to cry over receipts and come to terms with the fact that we’re in the middle of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University AND I HAVE TO COME UP WITH A WORKING BUDGET.

Which is really fun when your husband is completely self employed and we really never know what our income will be until we open the mailbox.  Then it’s all SURPRISE!

No complaining.  We’re blessed.  He’s working.

But I’m not on speaking terms with Dave Ramsey just now.

Anyhoo.  Today was an exception in that I was given a reprieve from my financial obligations because I needed to put in my volunteer hours at the teenager’s co-op.  After my shift ended and I had lunch with my daughter BECAUSE SHE ASKED ME TO STAY AND HAVE LUNCH WITH HER… IN PUBLIC (proving that pigs do fly and miracles are all around us) I decided to remain on that part of town until  after her last class.

So I did something that would make Dave Ramsey proud.  I headed over to T.J. Maxx for a little retail therapy.  Okay, not really.  I just wanted to check it out because I hadn’t been in years and it is air conditioned.

Florida has not yet realized that it is indeed October.

There were a couple of cute sleeveless (see above sentence) tops that found their way into my cart.  Yes, not expecting to spend money I still procure a cart.  I do this because my beloved Crocs will sometimes stick to freshly waxed store floors causing me to careen into end caps while my Crocs stay put.  The cart generally keeps me upright.  And end caps safe.

So.  I went to the dressing room and low and behold FINALLY, SOMEONE IN THE RETAIL WORLD KNOWS A LITTLE SOMETHING ABOUT FLATTERING LIGHTING.  Honestly.  No one looks good in fluorescent lighting.  But I really did look surprisingly good, considering I hadn’t had the benefit of a brush or makeup since 7 am in the morning.  This lighting almost made me want to go out and try on some bathing suits.  Almost.

I refrained because I didn’t want to murder off my good lighting euphoria.  And besides, there was no swimwear.  Retailers in Florida do not watch the local weather channel.

I did purchase myself a little black sleeveless top and a new salt shaker (needed because sea salt is of a larger granular size and gets stuck in my old faithful shaker).  SO BACK OFF DAVE.

I’m hoping that other retailers will take notice of the lighting in the T.J. Maxx dressing rooms.  Now if they would just add a barista, business would be truly be booming.


5 Responses to If only T.J. Maxx served libations

  • Yeah, Dave and I always have issues for the same reason. I mean, really?? How do you create a “working” budget when you never truly know how much this “pay period” is going to bring to the mailbox??!! Yay for a store that finally has gotten a clue! Guess I need to check out our local TJ Maxx as I need some new clothes, too!

  • Haha! Sitting here on my iPad reading your post and comments about Dave Ramsey. The previous screen that I had just visited was my Gazelle Budget! I just love how we all tend to have the same “feelings” towards Dave. Especially when needing some retail therapy. It is only something that a woman can understand!! lol

  • Dave Ramsey gave me an “F” My husband is self-employed in construction, in Florida. No regular income here. I haven’t visited TJ Maxx lately, but I love Targets dressing rooms. They have 3 way mirrors. Being able to see how I look from behind has made me walk out and hang those clothes right back on the rack. Saving me a ton. : )

  • Dave Ramsey’s affect goes way beyond our family… soon to be unemployed: the pool guy, lawn guy, guitar guy, tennis guy, ice skating lady and flute lady, and hairdresser… ughh! If you see me around with really, really bad hair color, you’ll know why

  • We did FPU a couple of years ago and we are currently debt free except our pesky mortgage.

    We often say, “What would Dave say?” and then we tell him to keep his nose in his own affairs.