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The Anniversary Card

Fiddledaddy made it home in time last Friday to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary.  My children were aghast at the number of years we’ve been married.  Pfffft.  Sixteen years.  That’s nothing.  I have underwear older than that.

And with that, the children dispersed.

Except for Jensen.  Who offered us a homemade card.  A peace offering I suppose.  After the week of torment.


The front and back of the card.


The interior.

It is unclear if the “mam” was a misspelled “MOM” or if he has a new found respect for me after the refrigerator incident accident.  It is also unclear if the two love birds are serpents or some variety of Brontosaurus.  But they are evidently egg layers.

True love is not extinct.


5 Responses to The Anniversary Card

  • I was so impressed that anniversary is spelled correctly that I didn’t notice the mam. Congratulations on your anniversary, and for surviving a week of solo-parenting.

  • Yes 16 years is long time in today society.We’ve been married for 41 years! Good thing we still like each other.

  • Congratulations!! And he’s sweet!

  • The interior of the intertwining snakes made me laugh so hard…I hope I have a boy one day who gives me cards like that. =)

  • Well. I think it’s sweet that he made you a card. At least it wasn’t frogs… 🙂

    Happy Anniversssssssssssssary! HA!