Boy vs. Wild

A few years ago I declared our small local zoo dead to me when they posted a misleading discount on Groupons, and then refused to honor it.  After all, our postage sized backyard boasts of all manner of wildlife.  And that’s basically free.  Except when you consider the premium we had to pay to back up to the nature preserve (again, code for scary overgrowth).

Anyhoo, I put my differences aside when they our zoo recently announced $2.00 admission on Tuesdays throughout the month of September.  Since we’re studying birds in the elementary Science portion of our homeschool, I thought we’d call it a Field Trip.  We were accompanied by my SIL and homeschooling partner in crime, Trish, and her boys.

There are some special exhibits that we don’t ordinarily see in Florida wildlife, such as giraffes, a Rhino, and a singular Kangaroo.  But mostly our zoo contains those species that we’re able to study up close and personal on the roadside, that is, unless the vultures beat us to it.

However, there is one air conditioned building that is a particular favorite.   The Reptile House is home to Jensen’s most favorite zoo creatures.  At one point Jensen squealed with delight as the zoo keeper wrapped a Python around him.  When I regained consciousness it was too late to snap a photo as the snake had already been placed back into his glass enclosure.

But as we wandered through the petting zoo portion of the park, Jensen made fast friends with this:


Jensen knew immediately that this was a Black Throated Monitor.  I’m pretty sure Black Throated Monitor is going to appear on his I Wish I Wish list at Christmas time.  I sent the picture to his father, who replied, “WHERE ARE HIS GLOVES? WHERE ARE HIS GLOVES?”

(He’s not suppose to touch reptiles without them.  He had them earlier.  Pinky swear.  I think a Llama ate them…)

The day was a success in that I only lost two of my three children.  At separate times.  And I may have been overheard asking, “The zoo doesn’t serve alcohol, does it?”

Not to worry, I made good use of the Suggestion Box at the exit.

And it should be noted that I left with the same number of children with which I entered.  That makes for the best kind of field trip.


3 Responses to Boy vs. Wild

  • same number you came with=success!
    I apply the same standard to working in the church nursery…only I add the ‘leave in the same close you came in’ to that equation.

  • Umm, same number you came with that actually belong to you = success. Others tend to frown upon you when you are merely trying to meet a quota.

  • Ditto Fiddledaddy. It was the first thing I thought when I saw the picture. (before I started reading)
    Ditto Christine.