Oh look, I have a blog!

My absence from the internet has been mostly attributed to the realization that if I’m going to continue to call myself a homeschooler, I need to, you know, homeschool the children.  We started a week ago Monday and successfully made it through an entire 5 day period without anyone dying or dipping into their therapy fund.

I call that a successful first week.

So we thought we’d reward ourselves with a short trip to the Pop Century (Value) Resort at Disney World.  And besides, it was my birthday.

Because we’re a party of 5, and I have industrial sized children, we cannot stay in a singular hotel room.  So we book two adjoining rooms at a deep discount (I know people…I am well connected…)  This meant that we had 4 double beds, and more importantly, TWO bathrooms.

A must when rooming with a teenager and her sidekick, the tween.


Plus some stuff you don’t even want to know about.

The aspect of the trip that excited me the most were the trips to the food court.  We had saved enough Disney Reward points to cover the majority of our meals.  Everyone got what they wanted, and I didn’t have to cook or clean up.  And thanks to some good menu options, I was able to still eat mostly healthy.  Mostly.

The kids were in heaven because of the ginormous pool.  Evidently this particular week was a last hurrah before the beginning of the school year because I experienced a good deal of claustrophobia while poolside.

There were a couple of instances wherein the pool was closed and everyone cleared out in a hurry.  When Fiddledaddy asked the lifeguard on duty what happened, she turned and deadpanned, “Unexpected clean up.”

That’s right.  A floater.  A freed Tootsie Roll.  Closed the whole thing down until a good cleaning occurred.  I took advantage of this scenario and secured a table with an umbrella, while lecturing my children on the importance of KEEPING THE POOL WATER OUT OF YOUR MOUTH.

It was also an opportunity to snap a photo of a young Brazilian couple who was sharing pool space with us and our impressionable children.

bikiniThat’s right, no closeups due to the family friendly nature of this blog…

This young mother wore a suit that I could only describe as butt floss.  And what luck!  She had a different color but identical in style suit for each day!  HOW CAN THAT EVEN BE COMFORTABLE? At one point she was directly in front of us and she bent over to talk to her child.  BENT OVER.  AT THE WAIST.  I was all I CAN SEE YOUR SOUL!  MY EYES, MY EYES.   All while distracting my children’s attention to the shrubbery behind us.

So we got a little homeschooling in during our vacation.  An impromptu study of the anatomy.

The trip was fraught with a bit of drama when my son (who can swim) had to be rescued by a lifeguard.  It seems that he had hold of a toy dinosaur in each hand, and rather than drop them and, you know, PADDLE PADDLE KICK KICK, he preferred to be towed in.  We’ve since instituted a NO DINOSAURS IN THE POOL rule.

The highlight of the trip for me was a wonderful pool side visit from a dear friend that I hadn’t seen in about 12 years and her family.  They’ve moved to Orlando from out west and now we can catch up on our 20 plus year friendship.  A blessing, to be sure.

Have a wonderful weekend, my sweet friends.  And I promise to brush the dust off the blog more often.


7 Responses to Oh look, I have a blog!

  • We just got home from All Star Music! Our back to school treat. Sadly, I have no “interesting” pool pictures as it chose to rain on our parade. No worries…..cable tv was an acceptable replacement – to them. My brain will never be the same. Four words – Dog with a Blog! 😉

  • So glad you had a fun get-away!

  • I love that hotel, especially their FL resident discounts. So glad you had a fun birthday that was filled with lots of adventure. 🙂

  • We started in July, so I can totally understand the whole “Actually having to teach the children” thing. 🙂 I believe that would have ended “pool time” for me, for life. 😉

  • I lived in Brazil for a year. Brazilians invented the string bikini, which they call “fio dental” (dental floss). Pretty much every female wears one, even if she is 9 months pregnant or way past the age when she should be wearing a bikini. I could tell you some stories, but I don’t want to be responsible for your therapy bills. Suffice it to say, you don’t ever want to vacation at Copacabana Beach!

  • Makes me ever more so thankful for the water park by our house. With a dress code. Even for swimwear. Cuz nobody wants to see that. Ew. : /

  • The hippie dippie pool! I stayed there my first time at Disney 3 years ago! 🙂