I’ve needed to take a much needed blogging break in order to nest. No additions are expected in our party of 5, I simply need to set all back in order after the recent flooring spectacular.  And as I was reminded this last weekend at Wal Mart wherein I found boxes of markers for FIFTY CENTS, the start of the school year is only a few short weeks away.  (Actually, just a wee bit over 2 weeks for us.  Hold me.)

I’m not ready.  Mostly I’m not ready to give up my quiet morning time and share it with the children THAT I WILL HAVE TO BLAST OUT OF BED.

This mode of nesting that I’m experiencing is not unlike a mother of 3 young falcons which have taken up residence at a local intersection not far from our house.  I’ve watched with interest over the last months at how she’s carefully woven bits of bark and twig together.  But then as her brood was due to hatch, she went with the WHATEVER WORKS mode of nest building, and added bits of garbage bags and debris to fill the gaps.


We homeschool moms may put forth a good face and image, BUT IT’S ALL HELD TOGETHER WITH CHEWING GUM AND RUBBER BANDS, MY FRIENDS.

And some Elmer’s glue for good measure (which by the way is only NINETEEN CENTS at Wal Mart).


4 Responses to Nesting

  • Yes. And add in prayers of desperation. OF course I gave up “good face and image” long ago. I think it was in the delivery room.

  • love it 🙂 I totally am with you on the “not wanting to give up the morning time”.
    Have a great day!

  • I totally agree! I am an elementary school teacher and it will be me I have to blast out of bed come August 9th! I also partook of the sale on school supplies this week; stocking up on extras for my students! My next two weeks will be spent at science workshops for teachers, put on by Purdue Univ. Fun!

  • Nice one. Great analogy. True dat.