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Painted Homeschool Cabinets

That may be the most clever title I’ve ever come up with.

Because we live in the same house that we built 14 years ago b.c. (before children), and having no idea how much room 3 industrial sized children would take up, we have had to get creative with space and storage.

I’d like to think that I prefer to homeschool in our dining area because that is the hub of the house, but in reality, there is NO WHERE ELSE TO GO.  So I’ve had a wall dedicated to homeschool supplies, and a kitchen table wherein I can rest my forehead when the going gets tough.

Over the last number of years the area has been a mis-matched hodgepodge of hand-me-down furniture.  And has not been terribly functional.  I’ve been diligently searching on Craigs List for a used white Expedit Cube Shelf unit, and a white desk.  I’ve found nothing over the last year.  Then I had a brilliant idea.  Why not just paint what I’ve got?  After all, I used to make my meager living in Los Angeles as a furniture painter.

I marched out to the garage, which used to be my studio b.c. (before children).  It has since become a storage dump for everything that doesn’t fit in the house.  I cleared out a corner which houses my old workshop cabinets, and dusted off my favorite paint brushes.  After a trip to the paint store I was ready to roll.  As it were.

This is what my set-up looked like before I began.  As you can tell, the photographic evidence was an after thought once I began tearing everything apart.  The pieces that I wanted to paint were the monolith computer cabinet and the brown shelving unit.  The shelves actually belonged to Fiddledaddy’s office, and he no longer wanted them and even donated an identical set to my cause.


After a lot of sanding, prep work, painting, sealing, and a few dozen Ibuprofin, this is the finished product:


The whole process took me about 4 days.  Which shocks even me because of my physical limitations from Lyme Disease and that bonus ailment, Plantar’s Fasciitis.  I found painting to be incredibly therapeutic, both physically and mentally.

I’ve started a laundry list of other long forgotten projects around this house.  And if I learn how to really use the camera, I may post some tutorials.

The children are understandably nervous, as they’ve heard stories of how I once painted anything that stayed in one place too long.


17 Responses to Painted Homeschool Cabinets

  • that looks outstanding. Love seeing transformations, especially diy. How satisfied you probably feel! If you’re like me you probably like to just stare at it and admire.

  • Beautiful!!! Very inspiring 😉

  • WOW!!! That’s beautiful! 🙂 We made our front room a “school room” and even painted it a very pretty light blue ( about 8 years ago. Once everything was back up on the walls the nephew pointed out that the walls now matched the oceans on the wall maps perfectly. LOL.. And it does. 😉 I love your set up! 🙂

  • I love the look of everything all set up and prepped.

    Sadly, in my house, that lasts only until the first day of school. (If I’m lucky.)

  • Now that is an awesome transformation D2!

  • Beautiful!

  • Wow! Very nice job! It looks like something you’d see in a magazine- you are very talented. Maybe it will help you get into the homeschooling spirit when it is time to start up again. I know I would have more inspiration to start just to see everything neat, tidy and organized. Way to go!

  • NICE!!!!

  • That looks so good!! Great job on the project – can’t believe it only took 4 days! Come do my “dining room” AKA homeschool stuff room, next; it needs work. 😉

  • Looks lovely!

  • That looks fantastic! and yes, please!!!, on tutorials! I scored a pottery barn full sized rustic Thomas bed for my daughter from a local used furniture store. Problem is, is that it is a honey pine kind of finish. I really want to paint it white – but don’t want to wreck it, and am not sure where to start!

  • Beautiful!

  • My children [ages 34 &32] still get twitchy at Christmas time, for fear I’ll spray paint them gold, put a red ribbon on them and call them decorations 😉 This is really lovely, Dee Dee. I hope you are feeling better.

  • That came out really nicely, way to go!!! I scored a used Expedit bookcase from some friends a while back, and I was so excited. I have two others, of differing sizes. I use the biggest ones in my kitchen closet for pantry shelving, the smallest one in my daughter’s room for all of her garbage, um, I mean “stuff”, and the tall skinny one I got used for my son’s room. I turned it on it’s side and it houses all of his millions of legos in baskets, with tons of flat space on top for the amazing creations he builds. (Obviously) I think they’re fantastic for everything. Next, I want some for my bedroom, for the stacks of books lying by my bed 🙂

    I’ve been catching up on your blog lately and I’m praying for you and your health. Since my discovery of of fb and twitter, and the demise of my own sad little blog, I haven’t been as much in the bloggy world as I used to be. I hope you’re doing better every day, and your homeschooling goes well. I admire you for sticking to it – though it all. You rock!!

  • PS Also, I’ve spent 3 hours today trying to teach my son long division, and it was only a miracle of some sort that kept me out of the vodka after about 5 minutes. So, really, you TOTALLY ROCK!!!!!

  • That looks awesome!! You did a great a job.

  • It all looks great and I’m also one for painting all the odd peices the same colors and it all looks like it belongs. Great job.