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Sister Act

My kids are involved in a summer reading program at our local library.  They turn in a sheet each week with the number of minutes they’ve read.  This is not a hardship in our house, as I have somehow birthed 3 bookworms.  The girls are into age appropriate chapter books, while Jensen gravitates toward nature books which depict factual animal survival tidbits.  The more gruesome the better.

Jensen was not all that interested in keeping track of his reading minutes and turning in his sheet until he learned that he could earn Reading Bucks which could net him a coveted rubber snake.

That rubber snake has shaved 10 years off of my life as I unwittingly cross paths with it during my daily activities.

Another aspect of the summer reading program is a contest which involves drawing or painting a picture depicting “If you knew the world were ending, with whom would you spend your last day?”  Cailey entered this contest and painted a lovely picture.


She painted a picture of herself AND HER OLDER SISTER.  HOLDING HANDS.

If you were to spend a day in my orthopedic shoes, you would understand WHAT A SURPRISE THIS WAS TO ME since my daughters could not be more different.  And more disinterested in one another.  Except to tattle, tease, and otherwise exhibit sisterly behavior that will likely drive me to hard liquor before they exit their teenage years.

It is my constant and fervent prayer that they will be the best of friends in their adulthood.  And they will both take excellent care of Fiddledaddy and myself as they care for us in our old age while we sit in the back seat on the way to our doctors appointments AND BICKER.

Anyhoo.  I know in my innermost being that they love one another (really really deep down) and this painting solidified half of that belief and made my heart swell with happiness.

The library has displayed the drawings/paintings and patrons are voting for their favorite by writing the corresponding number on a piece of paper and placing it in the ballot box.

I dropped by the library yesterday with my 3 children to cast our votes.  There were only 2 other art entries so Cailey stands a pretty good chance.  Emme stood there for a moment and pondered, “I kind of like number 1, maybe I’ll vote for that picture.”


I gave her my best stink eye, and she wisely chose instead to vote for her sister.  WHO WANTS TO SPEND HER LAST HOURS WITH HER.  What they don’t realize is that unless they straighten up, that can be arranged.

Fingers crossed.  We’ll find out who wins this week.


6 Responses to Sister Act

  • Really really deep down….HA! Cracked me up!!

  • I am the oldest of 4 and am the only girl in our group. I can tell you for a fact that as a teenager my oldest brother and I fought CONSTANTLY! To the point of he has fingernail scars on his face some 35 years later! In 2 weeks we are going on vacation together! Best of friends….and I promise we will come out the other side of our vacation with no sibling induced scars! 🙂
    Love her painting !!

  • Bahahaha- “that can be arranged”…I think you live in my house!

  • Psssst…she won 1st place. 🙂

  • “factual animal survival tidbits” that reminded me so much of my son. He loves snakes too, the bigger and more venomous the better.

  • Congrats to her for winning! And yes, what a sweet picture… “that can be arranged” cracked me up! Oh, how I wish my kids were bookworms… my youngest (Jensen’s twin, from what I can tell) loves all science books – sharks, volcanos, pirates, dinosaurs… but the other two… oy…