Long Weekend

I was looking at my calendar and just realized that this month I’m celebrating my 7th Blogoversary, as it were.   For many years I faithfully posted 5 or 6 times a week.  Fodder was plentiful.  I do not post nearly as often and I can tell you that it’s not because fodder is hard to come by.  We’ve simply entered that phase of life called TEENAGEDOM and I am simply not at liberty to invade my daughters’ privacy by publicizing ALL THE ANGST.  Likely there will be a book when they are grown and have children of their own and they are calling me weekly with I’M SO SORRY MOM!!!

Jensen is still fair game, and he knows it.  And since he lacks any kind of social filter he really doesn’t care.  But I can only relay so many lizard stories.  But what the heck.  Yesterday I heard him weeping loudly in the front yard.  He traipsed through the house and fell across his bed.  When pressed I learned that he had been stalking a small lizard, hoping to add it to his bug catcher.  However, he inadvertently chased the lizard in the direction of a waiting frog.  When Jensen caught up with the pair, he found a very satisfied frog with one lizard leg and a wagging tail hanging out of his mouth.

Jensen was mortified.

This is the same child who gleefully watched a mouse become breakfast for a waiting snake in the pet store at feeding time.

I don’t get it.

But now at least Jensen shares my disdain for frogs.  We have something else in common.

In other news, behold my new floor!


The transition pieces still need to be installed between the tile and the vinyl planks, but I am very happy with the results.  We’ve begun the slow process of putting everything back together.

AND.  I’m redoing our homeschooling space (still located in the dining room).  Over the last number of months I’ve been haunting Craigs List in search of used Ikea White Expedit shelving.  I have not been able to find anything.  So I thought I’d same some money and repaint my mismatched homeschooling furniture.  After all, I was a furniture painter a hundred years ago, B.C. (before children).  I’m reclaiming the garage as my studio and I very likely will be talking a good deal about painted furniture in the near future.  I did not realize how much I’ve missed it until I breathed in the paint fumes after all these years.  Before and after pictures will follow in the days/weeks (however long it takes me) ahead.  Much Ibuprofin will be consumed, to be sure.

Happy Monday!


One Response to Long Weekend

  • Frogs are a nasty bunch. And they DON’T even really taste like chicken! But, while you are joyously painting furniture, I have a piece or four you could do too.