Baby it’s hot outside

I mentioned in passing last week to my son that it’s nearly July.  He tilted his head, “Does that mean that summer is OVER?”  I couldn’t tell if he was disappointed or like me, done with ALL THE HEAT.  No dude, summer lasts FOREVER in Florida.  But I’m not going to complain or anything like that.  Since we’re close to the beach we have a reprieve of sorts.  In other words, it could be worse.  (I’m looking at YOU Phoenix!)

But you wouldn’t know it by watching the wildlife.

The other day we looked out the window into our backyard and spotted this:


The squirrels in our neighborhood make it a sport to run back and forth on the back of our fence.  Not unlike a carnival shooting range.  And yes, I’ve thought about it, but no, have never done it.

Anyhoo.  This squirrel stayed like this, unmoving, for many minutes.  Not even blinking.  Until I was quite certain that he was dead.  My mind went to the dark place as I tried to figure out how to rid our fence of the rotting squirrel carcass, without, you know, TOUCHING it.  I did consider letting nature takes its course and leave it for the vultures and the ants.  (Avoidance is my best comping skill.)  And call it a science project.  (Hey.  We’re homeschoolers.)

Jensen, who could stand the suspense no longer, decided to race out into the backyard to see what sort of tragedy had befallen the squirrel.  I barely got the words, “JENSENNNN, NOOOOO” out before he cleared the door.  As soon as the door slammed (stealth is not his gift), the squirrel sprung back to life and streaked across the fence and back out into the nature preserve scary overgrowth.

The boy was understandably disappointed.  My joy knew no bounds.

How hot is it in your neck of the woods?


12 Responses to Baby it’s hot outside

  • 109F. :/

  • Well, currently 78 degrees….but it’s only 8:19 AM. Please fasten your seat belts as we begin our descent to….well, you know. AC fan motor went out last night. Fingers crossed I can get us first on the AC guys list!!!

  • Damp/rainy/mostly cloudy around 70. Lousy weather in NY State this summer so far. I am in western NY, but eastern NY severe flooding. On the flip side, the plants/flowers/garden are thriving. NOT good hair weather!

  • You know how you’re basking in 50s in January while I’m freezing to death in Minnesota? My turn. We’re in the 70s, with an occasional jump into the 80s. Currently the weather channel claims we’re at 60. 🙂

  • Well since I am inland in Central Florida we are a little hotter than you. We were around 99 the other day. Headed to the mountains of Guatemala on a missions trip this Saturday tho. Then I will be in the 70s. Can’t wait to love on little babies AND have cooler temperatures!

  • 68, foggy, we haven’t had sun for over a week and my garden is soggy! We had a BEAUTIFUL summer last year, I’m afraid we’re going to pay the price this year. BTW, DeeDee, I still have the dog… so, yeah, good times all around 🙂

  • 109* today here in sunny California! Yuck! Too hot to do anything besides sit inside where the air conditioner is running at full speed!

  • You know? It’s lovely here in Alabama today. 80 with a breeze. I have no idea what sort of time warp I stepped into but I’m glad I did. Also, SQUIRRELS. they are weird. And creepy when they’re dead or pretending to be dead.

  • It’s been a relatively cool wet June in central Indiana…especially compared to a year ago when it was 104! I had a small raccoon slip? and get its leg caught in my board fence once. It was not moving, but watched me. I finally figured out why it wasn’t leaving, and, well, I won’t tell you how this story ended. There IS one fewer raccoon around here, I can tell you that!

  • HELLO FROM H*&^…I MEAN PHOENIX. This weekend was MISERABLE!! It was 119 on Friday and Saturday…and we dipped down to a cool 116 on Sunday…The thing that makes it all so much worse is that our LOWS are in the low 90’s.

    It is currently 5:21 AM (!!) and it is 94*…

  • Terrible! I’ll take some of that heat off your hands. It was rainy, gray, and in the 60’s today. We’ve had maybe 2 days this summer (so far) that we considered “swimmable”, and our pool wasn’t opened then. We finally got it open, and bam…back to spring weather. Boooo!

  • Hot as blue blazes. Well, not really; I just like saying that. 😉 Actually, it’s monsoon season here in the metro Atlanta area, and I’m afraid that everything left outside will be covered in mildew by the time the sun comes out again. The bright side is that I totally don’t have to water my garden.