If it’s not one thing

My husband had an interesting revelation this morning.  In the last couple of weeks he’s seen me through another round of Lyme treatment, a bad reaction to one of my antibiotics, the onset of Plantar Fasciitis, depression, WRITER’S BLOCK (I’m pretty sure that after nearly 7 years of blogging I AM OUT OF WORDS), and a new Gluten Free diet.  He likens our life to the WHACK A MOLE game.  Just when you pop one on the head another one appears.

It’s simply my attempt to keep him alert and youngish.

After this moment of clarity, his younger sister (Trish) called to talk to me.  “Oh thank goodness, she’s in a funk, you are just the person she needs to talk to.”  And with that he handed me the phone.

Generally Trish is the perfect person to drag me out of the doldrums, as she usually has an exciting tale of carnage and destruction at her house, thereby making me feel a little bit better about my own position as a parent.

And trust me, it works both ways.

We talked a bit about our pending meeting with our sweet homeschool evaluator scheduled for tomorrow, and then we discussed our morning.  She confided in me that she was sitting down at the kitchen table with her husband clutching her first morning cup of coffee.  Her eyes wandered over to a pair of goofy glasses sitting on the counter.  They belonged to her son, and were the kind of glasses which have the eyeballs on springs.  She began crying.  Her husband was all WHY ARE YOU CRYING?  “Because those glasses remind me of my mom.  I miss her.”

We lost our precious Natalie in January very unexpectedly.  We’re all still in deep denial.

Her husband was understandably perplexed, because like my own husband, there is a lot of mole whacking going on when you live with a homeschooling mom.

In short order I was crying as well.  I could totally see Natalie wearing the goofy glasses.  I sniffed, “YOU ARE NOT HELPING ME AT ALL!”  My husband was all WHAT THE HECK?

And yet, in the end we had to giggle.  Thinking of Natalie wearing the glasses.

Later I drug all of my children over to my dear friend Jenny’s house so the children could frolic and we could catch up on girl talk.  We laughed.  We cried.  We commiserated.  It was just what the doctor ordered.

Girlfriends are certainly the cure for most any ill.  And I’m pretty sure my own husband is eternally grateful that I am blessed with a gaggle of really awesome girlfriends.

On an extra light note, I wanted to share the following conversation that I had with my son today prior to leaving the house:

“Jensen, go brush your hair.”

Jensen, not even trying to hide the exasperation, “Mom, why do you want girls to be attracted to me.  Who cares how I look?”

“I do.  Because it reflects badly on me.”

Signed me,
Mother of the Year


10 Responses to If it’s not one thing

  • Wise words. I need good girlfriend time.

  • So blessed you are one of my amazing girlfriends! Oh and the Whack A Mole….so can relate.

  • I, for one, am praying that you never RUN OUT OF WORDS, because I need them!! You make me laugh, make me cry, make me realize that I am not the only one who has a stressful life, give me hope, remind me to pray for grace and patience and forgiveness, and so much more. And by the way, with all the stuff you’re going through, I nominate you for mother of the CENTURY!

  • If you don’t mind me saying, I think you are BRILLIANT! That is the perfect answer to the “brush your hair” chore!!

    I’m with Karen, I am praying you never run out of words either. I love to come and read your blog!! I know that you are keeping it real and for that, I am grateful. Homeschooling is difficult and nothing bugs me more than those ladies who sugar coat it!! I know coming here that you are going to be brutally honest and I respect that!

    Praying for you and your family as you continue to grieve the loss of your beloved MIL. I am sure it is difficult for everyone!

  • I do think I had nearly the same conversation with my son. Every. Day. This. Year. He’s 14. You’d think he would want to brush his hair.

  • Understand all too well the Whack-a-Mole syndrome. You are so blessed in so many ways, especially the gift of writing. You are in my prayers for healing and strength.

  • Since I have just discovered your blog I hope you keep writing. I have so enjoyed reading it. Your children will always be able to give you new material 🙂

  • Pretty sure I get the Mother of the Year award this week. My son broke his arm on Friday. I took him to the doctor on Monday. Whoops.

  • And now I’m crying with you. And for you. And for me too. UGH! I can so relate to all of this. ((Hugs)).

  • My girlfriends and I gather once a week. If I miss it one week, I regret it. I need that time with them.