Ticket to Ride

My children have all been occupied at our church VBS all week.  Emme (8th grade) has been working as a camp volunteer, Cailey (6th grade) is enjoying her last year as an actual kids at VBS, and Jensen (3rd grade) is reveling in his FIRST YEAR EVER to be able to be left at VBS.

Fiddledaddy has done most of the ferrying of all the children this week.  Which is no small feat, since they have to be there at 8:00 because Emme is a volunteer, and Cailey is serving on the worship team.

We are not an early morning family.  That’s all I’m going to say on the matter.

Needless to say, when the children get home, everyone crashes on the couch.

The VBS theme is Colossal Coaster and fittingly, everything revolves around an amusement park.  We have a new children’s pastor (dearly LOVE their family) and I told him that he has now set the bar far too high.  I have no idea how he’s going to top this theme next year.

The artistic team he assembled has built mock roller coasters jutting out of the walls and ceiling, the murals are amazing, and he has projected giant movies of actual roller coasters onto the walls of the sanctuary.  A visual feast, to be sure.







The reason we moved to this church so many years ago was because I was extremely impressed with their children’s program.  Every year so much heart and soul goes into this summer production.  The kids (and volunteers) are having a blast.  It is my hope and dream that next year I will be back to my old fighting self and can throw myself headlong into the mix.

But I have to say that this year I’ve really enjoyed a quiet house each morning.  I’ve taken the opportunity to get ALL CAUGHT UP with mountains of paperwork and Quicken entering.  My husband is self-employed with two businesses and I play the banker.  I had gotten behind because this homeschool business IS A LITTLE TIME CONSUMING.

But have I mentioned, I’M ALL CAUGHT UP.

Next year I have a magnificent plan in place to remain ahead of the paper trail in that I will have all 3 children occupied with a co-op (Emme) and enrichment studies (Cailey & Jensen) on Thursdays.  No more excuses to fall behind.  Although I’m sure I will try.

I want to say a huge thank you to my church for providing a wonderful and safe environment for not only my children, but other kids in the community who may have never had the opportunity to see Jesus in the eyes and hands of all the wonderful volunteers who have generously given up their time in these weeks of preparation for VBS.

This tired mom is so grateful to you.


2 Responses to Ticket to Ride

  • I’m at “Colossal Coaster World” this week too! I’m the children’s music director at my church and am moving constantly for three hours straight leading the opening and closing and teaching the songs and movements for 6 “tune town” music rotations! I am physically exhausted, but on an incredible spiritual “high!”

    Your Colossal Coaster World sets are very impressive! Thanks for sharing the pic!

  • Sounds like a great church!!