Sunrise, Sunset

Last Friday we had the blessing of being able to spend a little time with dear old friends that we hadn’t seen in 4 years or so.  This is a family that we’ve known since way before Fiddledaddy and I got married.

After moving to Florida, we lived on different coasts, but were able to meet up with them at Disney World when they were traveling the United States in an RV.


Yes, that’s Lisa Whelchel, her husband Steve, and their 3 beautiful children.  That tiny baby was Cailey.   We met up again at Disney when Cailey was about 18 months, but we didn’t have the good sense to take a group photo.

Then some years later, we gathered together at Animal Kingdom.  This time we had gained a Jensen, while their family was one son short, as he was in college.


Now their children are all grown up, one is married off, and they all live in different corners of the United States.  They all came together last week to celebrate Lisa’s birthday at Disney World, and we were able to spend precious time with them once again.  This photograph was taken behind the scenes at Lights, Motor, Action at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  All of those handsome guys on the left were some of the drivers who were kind enough to show us the backstage workings of the show.  (Lisa is tucked behind her daughter which was a shame, because let me tell you, SHE IS GORGEOUS.)


In the blink of an eye they grow up, you know.  Now I’m off to sip my Geritol while crying bitter tears…


3 Responses to Sunrise, Sunset

  • OMG!!! THAT picture, while I was following Lisa’s blog during their year in the RV, was when I recognized “Fiddledaddy,” a college friend, and started following YOUR blog! Which, incidentally, has provided lots of entertainment, enjoyment and encouragement!

  • Last time I saw her was at the wedding. Wow.

    And speaking of TimeFlies, we are in the “any moment now” phase of waiting to dash to the hospital at someGodAwfulHour with Kati for the arrival of her baby.

    Pass the bottle.

  • Aww I love this! Have been a ‘fan’ of Lisa forever and even watched a season of Survivor just to watch her. She carries herself with such grace. So happy for the friendship you all have shared for so many years. : )