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The Pain in my Foot

I fear I’m at that point in my life where I will openly start discussing my ailments and broken down body parts that are falling off.  So bear with me.

I will forevermore refer to the last week as The Lost Week.  The week that Bactrim took me down.  After a discussion with my doctor early last Thursday, he also concluded that Bactrim is not my friend, and that I should cease and desist all antibiotics.  To be safe, I stopped even the vitamins.  The only pill that would pass my lips was that of Extra-strength Excedrin.

Slowly, oh so slowly, I regained the will to live.

And because I do not know how to pace myself, we went to Disney World on Friday to meet up and surprise some dear friends who were visiting.  Thusly ensuring myself another 2 days on the barkolounger.

But here’s what I’ve discovered.  Years ago, I had pain in my feet that was Lyme related.  This began reoccurring a few months ago.  I just assumed it was Lyme.  Then the pain settled in my right heel.  For weeks, I’ve felt that I had the worst stone bruise EVER, except that it would come and go.

The pain would be awful in the morning upon rising, then settle down, then get much much worse at the days end if I over did it.  Which I am apt to do.  When I started the antibiotics a week ago, the pain immediately subsided.  But then kicked in as soon as I stopped them.  So Fiddledaddy did a little research.  As he is apt to do.

He sent me this link, asking me if anything seemed familiar.  It seems I may have Plantar Fasciitis.  LIKE LYME DISEASE WASN’T ENOUGH.  Except that I grossly mispronounced it, causing Fiddledaddy to blush.  “PLEASE DON’T EVER SAY THAT OUT LOUD AGAIN.”  I keep him young.  Yes, I do.

He encouraged me to put on his Dr. Scholl’s Orthotic Inserts.  The ones I mocked him for buying.  The same inserts he’s been trying to get me to purchase FOR MONTHS but I refused because A) eeewww, I’d have to stand barefoot on the machine thingy at Wal-Mart, and B) FORTY FIVE DOLLARS FOR CUSTOM INSERTS?  Seriously?

I slipped his inserts into my Crocs, then followed them with my own feet.  Sing with me, SWEET MYSTERY OF LIFE AT LAST I’VE FOUND YOU…  Sweet relief.  Followed by, “I told you so.”

So this morning I took my nauseas self to Wal-Mart to consult the machine.  Thankfully someone had thoughtfully left a tube of sanitizing wipes for the machine.  I thoroughly cleaned the foot shaped marking and climbed aboard.  An alert came across the screen that something was broken and an associate needed to be fetched.

Lucky for me, I think that half of the Wal-Mart staff had called in sick because I could have gone bowling down the aisles and it would not have been noticed.  I limped over to a cashier and asked her to call someone.  She did.  I limped back over to the machine, located in Pharmacy, cleaned it once again, and climbed aboard.  Hoping above all hopes.  Nothing.  So frustrating.  I could see all the packages of pending relief, but I had no idea which one to choose.  And still no associate.

I limped over to Customer Service and a nice lady and she called a manager who then followed me back to the machine.  I cleaned it off again and climbed aboard.  She looked at it blankly and stated that she could not help me, as the Pharmacy manned the machine but they would not be there for another hour.

I gave up, choosing instead to to the grocery shopping.  Which by the end I was strongly considering asking the checkout cashier just to bag me along with everything else and give me a lift to the van via the shopping cart.

The rest of Sunday was another lost day.

Any other Plantar Fasciitis sufferers out there and what has brought you the most relief?  (I will be starting back on Azithromycin on Monday, so it will be interesting to see if the pain subsides.)

Next topic up for discussion:  Menopause – or as I prefer to call it: “is it hot in here or am I in hell?” 


21 Responses to The Pain in my Foot

  • I have suffered with Plantar Fasciitis for several years now. I have inserts for my shoes but honestly, who wants to wear tennis shoes every day?! I live in Phoenix, for goodness sake, I wear flip flops nearly year round!! (I did make sure I bought GOOD flip flops with plenty of cushioning.) Unfortunately for me, I also have really, really flat feet so sometimes my inserts bother my arches (or lack thereof).

    I have found that if I stretch my legs/feet out BEFORE I get out of bed, I don’t hobble around like an old man as much. I also try and take an Aleve right before bed.

    Sorry you have to deal with this on top of the Lyme’s!!

  • I’ve had plantar fasciitis twice. The first time I got relief from physiotherapy. There are exercises you can do at home as well. Like putting a facecloth on the floor – sit in a chair – and repeatedly pick it up using only your toes. They physio will give you others that will help.

    The second time I was heading to Disneyland for a week. Oh my – I could barely walk. It would “work out” but then if you rested it was excruciating to walk. I was leaving in 3 days. This time I had acupuncture. I can’t say I was much of a believer in acupuncture – and as a Christian – wary of association – but sweet apple pie it worked. Two treatments and sweet relief and a week of walking in Disney. I’m not saying there wasn’t a slight feeling of a bruise – but nothing like before.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to have it done again if I needed it. In fact, I had an accident – ripped my eye an tear duct and 3 eye muscles – besides surgery – it is the acupuncture that has helped the most.

    I hope that helps. Don’t leave it – it rarely goes away itself.

  • Yes, I have plantar fasciitis that comes and goes. We spent a week in a high rise condo in Florida very recently, and I found the tile floor over concrete was very hard on my feet, causing me to hobble when I got out of bed and for my feet to get achey as the day wore on too. At home, wooden and carpeted floors are much better. So your house’s floors may be aggravating it.
    You may find that a good podiatrist can help you out, or just trial and error with various exercises, orthotics, etc may do the trick. There are some splint-like things you can wear at night that may help (think SkyMall). Even just knowing what it is can help – you still suffer but you understand the source of the pain is through the arch of your foot.
    Good luck – I feel for you!

  • Fill a water bottle half full or so and freeze it. You can roll it back and forth under your foot for relief.

    Go to the shoe store and find a tennis shoe/trainer/whatever you call an athletic shoe with a sole that you can’t bend or twist easily. Wear them.

    Those are the best advice from my podiatrist 🙂

  • My hubby had it, spent $180 on a boot to wear at night that bends your foot upwards. He also used a frozen water bottle and did the stretching exercises. They helped some, but he ended up buying the Dr. Scholls inserts and now he swears by them. That was about 2 years ago and he hasn’t had any pain since. Hope you find some relief soon, from all your ails. P.S. they have a patch for the hot flashes.

  • Having suffered from this myself I can tell you your days of wearing flip flops or going barefoot are over. You need shoes with a good arch. Birkenstocks helped me immensely but they don’t work for everyone. There is a newer brand, Orthaheel which has a nice supportive arch but is a nice looking flip flop and other type sandals. I don’t know if they are sold in stores but they are sold over the internet and on QVC or HSN. My podiatrist had me do some exercises too. The main one was taking a towel, holding each end with separate hands and wrapping it around the ball of my foot. Then gently pull your foot back with it as far as you can. Do this 10 times a couple of times a day, especially in the morning. It will help to stretch out the fascia and your Achilles and calf muscles which will also help. I inadvertently healed myself but not in a way you want to emulate. My then 6 year old son had his tonsils out and I was allowed into the operating room to stay with him until he was out. I had to wear scrubs. When I went to take the pants off, my foot caught and I came down hard on the foot with plantar fasciitis. I felt major pain in my foot to the point that the nurses rushed over to me because my face turned white and they thought I was going to pass out. As it turns out my fascia apparently snapped and I saved myself having surgery to have it cut. Very painful but I haven’t had a problem since!
    I would suggest you see a podiatrist if you don’t get relief soon. He or she can tell you the best thing to do for your particular foot. He can also make sure the diagnosis is correct. I hope your foot feels better soon!

    • Btw, you can get that boot and the things mentioned as being in the SkyMall catalog from catalogs like Harriet Carter etc. Certainly cheaper than SkyMall!

  • Oh Deedee,

    Let me tell you about Plantar Fascitis…I personally have not had it however my hubby just finished a year and a half battle with it. My best advice to you is walk…no RUN to a foot specialist and have your foot looked at, you have had so much going on with your lyme issues that I would hate to see you have to go through anything else. Normally I am totally against running to the doc for everything but this issue can get really bad really quick if left untreated. Your first step in wearing the inserts is good, however if you see a specialist most likely you will have one custom made for your shoes. Hubby took too long to really get his addressed and well I will spare you the nightmare we have dealt with this year which may or may not have included 3 surgeries. However he is the one who never has anything go wrong and when he does it is a 150 percent extreme. lol Anyway, most likely they will make an insert and if that doesn’t help they will move you to a night time boot which pulls your foot back a little. Oh and it is the sexiest thing too. lol Anyway, usually that, and rolling your foot across a frozen bottle of water helps too and in most normal cases (dh is not normal) it will get better easily. But please please go to a foot specialist and just rule out it being any worse. The good news is if it was super bad let’s say worst case scenario they had to do a procedure they do two very minor ones that have high success rates. If you have any questions email me. Good luck I hope it feels better!

  • So I got Plantar Fasciitis a few years ago. Went to a podiatrist. He recommended that I keep a pair of Birkenstocks by my bed and wear them around the house. I tell you, it worked wonders!! I haven’t read all the posts above, so someone may have already told you this. But as soon as you get out of bed every morning, you have to stretch out your muscles … from the back of your heel up to your calf. So do a lunge thing where you are holding on to the bed side table. Stretch. Then slip on your Birks. They have AMAZING arch support. I wear them around the house ALL THE TIME. The problem is that on occasion, I have forgotten I had them on and gotten in the car to drive somewhere, not realizing that I have committed a huge fashion faux pas. But seriously … I started having this problem 5 or 6 years ago and the Birks have saved me. Sounds like your crocs are good. I know Birks are expensive. But I found a knock off at some discount shoe store. Since then, I have broken down and bought the real thing. I figure since I wear them every day, the cost of wearing evens out. And it saved me money on doctor appointments, cortisone shots and/or surgery! Good luck, my friend…

  • Another thing the podiatrist said to do before getting out of bed in the morning is get a towel, wrap it around the ball of your foot and gently pull, stretching out those muscles. I never really did that because it is easier for me to just roll out of bed and do my bedside table stretch! It has become a habit. I can actually walk barefoot again 🙂

  • Some things my podiatrist recommended when I had plantar fasciitis:
    1) Put an inexpensive insert in your shoe. Press on the bottom of your foot with your fingers until you find the spot(s) that are the most tender. Use 1 finger to transfer a bit of bright lipstick to the spot(s) on your foot. Step into the shoe and put all your weight on that foot. Remove your foot and the insert from the shoe and cut out a circle about 1/2 inch in diameter where the lipstick has transferred to the insert. This helps relieve the pain but doesn’t really do a lot to promote healing.
    2) Put a brick on the floor. Place the front half of your foot on the brick and stand on your tiptoes, then lower your heel back to the floor. Up and down, up and down several times. Do this 2 or 3 times a day. This stretches the fascia and does promote healing. It’s actually easier to use a brick for each foot rather than trying to do only 1 foot. It’s good to have something like a chair, countertop, etc. to hold on to for safety, especially if you have balance issues.
    3) Use the towel method described above by Connie.
    4) Rather than buying an expensive boot, my husband used one of his loooooong tube socks to gently pull my foot toward my head and an ace-type bandage (not too tight) to secure it in place overnight.
    5) Wear good, supportive shoes. I love my Birkenstocks but haven’t tried the Orthaheel shoes mentioned in another comment.

  • NEW BALANCE!!!!!!!!!!

    They make a sneaker specifically. The 990. It is wonderful. Combine that with their inserts. They have the same type of machine as dr. Scholls, but a guy from the store works it so gaurenteed to work 😉

    I LOVE, LOVE my shoes. They work wonders.

  • My husband is also dealing with this and our Dr. told him to give the whole foot a hearty rough massage before he gets out of bed or has been sitting for any length of time to get the muscles warmed up. He also has hard plactic heal cups he wears in all his shoes along with the arch supports. No flip flops or sandals 🙁

  • I have it currently in my right foot and let me tell you – it is not a pretty sight when I wake up in the middle of the night with the large need to tinkle as I hop along the floor and wake up hubby. Yesterday I apparently over did it with helping hubby lay 1000 pavers on our patio but it earned me a heavenly foot rub from him. I will be interested to see what you find out and what your readers suggest 🙂

  • I have MS and Plantar Fasciitis. The symptoms are similiar to Lyme as is the confusion of “what exactly is this.” So after assuming it was MS spastisity I went to the doctor and was diagnoised with PF. Yeah. Here is what I have found works for me.

    Inserts work wonders as well as never going barefoot, even around the house. But I hated that I couldn’t wear flip flops or cute sandles UNTIL I found a sandal by Dr. Weil that is designed for Plantar Fasciitis. I cringed when I had to pay $100 for basically a thong x 2 because I had to have a black & brown pair. But it was the best money spent and 3 years later I am still wearing them. I also have a pair of Chaco’s that I like. I think the trick is to make sure the inside of the shoe is indented where the heel goes and there is an arch in the middle. There are alot of cute styles on line but I got mine at Dillards because I wanted to try them on first.

    After 2 years of babying my feet I can wear really cute shoes more often than not and use my “ortho shoes” when my feet get tired or I know I’m really going to be stressing them.

    Hope you find something that helps your feet to feel better and not make you feel like Granny Clampett.

  • I’m with all the others, do some point/flex exercises before you get out of bed, and before you get up from any sitting position.

    I suffered with it for years, and it is gone now.

  • I thought I may be able to help you, but realized that it’s been covered already.
    1- Frozen water bottle
    2- New Balance shoes that don’t bend
    3- Crocs around the house
    4- Stretching twice a day
    It will get better!!!

  • Seriously, you guys are so stinking AWESOME. HUGE help. Awesome suggestions. 🙂

  • Oh Dee Dee:

    I read the first few lines and knew what was coming. PF!

    If I go hard one day, I may be in the bed the next day. It’s rough, and I have to schedule my life carefully or I end up canceling half of my life.

    Last year I had two surgeries (knee/gallbladder) within seven months but … the thing that bothered me the most was the PF I had on my left foot, and while I was getting physical therapy for my knee, I got it done on my left foot too. A year later, and it’s back… Roll your foot on a tennis ball. Do it for a good five or ten minutes twice a day. Or roll your foot on an ice cold can of coke. That feels good. Stretching is best though. You must do it. Bed Bath and Beyond makes a wooden foot roller/massager that I use too. No bare feet ever, not even around the house. No flip flops – you need arch support. I wear ridiculously expensive shoes bought at Foot Solutions and Abbadabbas. (Birkenstock and Naot are favorites because I can wear them without inserts. Even my slippers are specialty.) A PT may be able to make a custom insert for you, so you may want to make an appointment and get all of the information out of him that you can. My PT used a sonogram machine on my foot. Three times a week for three months. There were days I cringed and cried. It hurt so bad. My husband massages my feet, but it hurts, so I often opt out. I’m going to google the New Balance 990 right now. I’m not a sneaker girl, but I’m not a Birkenstock girl either and I wear them. Desperate times call for desperate measures…

    God bless us, everyone!

  • I look forward to your post re. hot flashes….my newest friends! As for the plantar fasciitis, had to have surgery on my left heel to release the fascia as not a boot, nor PT nor cortisone injection made any impact for any amount of time. Right foot still an issue- BEST ADVICE EVER-the Strassburg Sock. Sleep in it and give your fascia a gentle stretch all night- wake up with a foot feeling good as new- link here for amazon purchase:

  • Hi Friend,
    I have had this for awhile. I wear inserts that Yves made me at the office. He is not making them anymore, but he did say to call him at the office. He can talk you through some simple solutions and suggestions.
    I weare orthaheels and naots and new balance. They are more expensive, but I can wear them all day without pain so it’s worth it.