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A test of friendship

I am now convinced that the real litmus test of friendship are those people who will take your children from you when you’re face down on the linoleum.

As I’ve been this week.

I’ve made the happy discovery that I may be indeed allergic to the antibiotic Bactrim, and what I’m experiencing are side affects and an allergic reaction, with perhaps a wee bit of herx effect thrown in for good measure.  The fever that joined the fray today was the clue.

On Tuesday, Fiddledaddy had to be out of town for part of the day.  My SIL, Trish, came to my house and threw my children into the car with her children and headed for the beach.  If you’re doing the math, that meant she was in charge of 6 high spirited children between the ages of 8 to 13.  At the beach.  Where there are rip currents.  And sharks.

She is a brave brave woman.

Who managed to leave the beach with the same number of children she started with.

Then my friend, Michelle, offered to take them for an afternoon of swimming at her house.  Cailey and Jensen were the happy recipients of this invitation, as they could spend an afternoon and have dinner with two of their closest friends.  Emme opted to stay home and care for me watch marathon episodes of Once Upon a Time.

At one point in the afternoon Michelle texted me to say, “Jack just pooped on the playground.”  Because I hadn’t bothered to put on my glasses, I thought for certain that the text read, “Jensen just pooped on the playground.”  Which really didn’t surprise me, but did horrify me only because I thought, dang, that’s the last time she’ll take him off my hands.

Turns out it was Jack, her 2 year old, who (like Jensen) is of the belief that clothing is optional.

Today she texted me to see how I was feeling.  Offering again to take my children.

I wrote back, “I feel like what Jack did on the playground yesterday.”

In other news, I overheard the following exchange between two of my children this morning.  Emme, the teenager, was lounging on the couch as her 8 year old brother sauntered by.  “JENSEN, you STINK!”  He glanced over his shoulder and offered, “Yes, it’s my defense mechanism.”

We’re thinking maybe he’s watching too much Animal Planet.

But it’s hard to tell.


3 Responses to A test of friendship

  • Hope you feel better, soon! I had an allergic reaction to Bactrim back in college that landed me in the hospital. I won’t bless you with the details, but I try not to take antibiotics unless I am on my death bed now 🙂

  • Don’t know how you can be so darn funny when you feel so bad, but girl, you are! Praying for you here in Idaho. God bless.

  • Since your kids were there, only Jack had the ‘clothing optional’ rule…. not the rest of the fam. Your welcome (saved you some future psych bills) 😉