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Loose buns, not necessarily a bad thing

I’m still suffering from a bad hair cut.

My husband suggested that I go back to her to see if she can fix it, and he suggests that I use the following tactic, “Please fix this so I don’t harbor bad feelings towards you.”

And I wish I could.  Really I do.  But when it comes to matters involving confrontation, no matter how small, I take the avoidance is the best policy route.  Spineless.  That’s the word you’re looking for.


I’ve had to find other methods to disguise my plight.  The pony tale is of course my go-to solution.  Hats are out of the question because I’m not a hat girl, as a hat only draws all the attention to ears which stick out.  Which I suppose would draw the focus away from my hair.  But still.

I’ve discovered another solution which makes me feel a little fancier than the tried and true pony tale.  Below is a video of a tutorial on how to create the perfect loose bun.  This works perfectly for me since I’m dealing with ALL THE LAYERS and because the hair is sectioned and secured with pins, I don’t have any stragglers.  (And in the spirit of full disclosure, if I don’t have any hair gel or pomade, I’ve been known to use a very small amount of lard to tame the frizzies.  Bless the lard.)

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3 Responses to Loose buns, not necessarily a bad thing

  • Girl, I’ve been rocking the bun since my 7 month old baby girl was born. Wait, what’s that? Oh, right, since my PREVIOUS baby girl was born. She’s three. And a half. And not yet potty trained. But that’s a different story.

  • My word is marshmallow. It cost me $40 for 2 bad hair cuts…shouldn’t have gone back the second time, but gave her the benefit of the doubt. (never going back!)
    Cost me $16 to start on having it fixed somewhere else. It’d been a month & it still hasn’t quite grown out enough to go back yet. Too short to put up & I’m not a hat person either. There isn’t enough product out there to fix a bad cut. Only time.

  • Lol, we have all been there, done that. I don’t think its ever worse to go back to same person if they already did a poor job.