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No Words

This afternoon I spent a good hour in the car with my 3 children plus a spare while running errands.  Instead of listening to the radio as I usually do, I enjoyed the chatter of the teenagers, tween, and dinosaur boy in the peanut gallery.  When I arrived at our destination, I got out of the van and spotted a girlfriend, head down, staring at her phone screen.  In a low voice she said, “I wonder if anyone is going to show or if everyone will be glued to their television.”

My heart sank.  Many horrific thoughts rushed through my head. Korea came to my mind first.  “Why?  What happened?”  She went on to explain that someone detonated two bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  Facebook images of relatives of facebook friends who were running the marathon popped into my head.

All of the blood rushed to my feet as my face felt very cold.  Not unlike the sensation I had as I saw the planes tear through the twin towers in New York nearly 12 years ago.

My heart, thoughts, and many prayers go out to the people of Boston and those who have suffered unimaginable losses today.

We live in very tumultuous times.  There is only one thing in which we can hold onto with any certainty.

Psalm 33: 20-21  “We wait in hope for the Lord; he is our help and our shield.  In him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in his holy name.”


3 Responses to No Words

  • I had no idea either, until a significant amount had passed after the attacks. So much discussion about whether it is “terrorism”, “foreign or domestic”.

    Who. Cares.

    People are terrorized. And I do not freaking care where the person(s) who left all the devices, built them, thought up the plan… I frankly do not care where they were born, or have a current zip code.

    I am sick, angry, in disbelief, shock.

  • My mind immediately thought of a person I went to high school with that had qualified for the marathon last year. I hadn’t kept up with him recently so I didn’t know if he was at this year’s race or not.

    I will agree with Kelli in her comment above. I don’t care who did it, just that they get caught. I don’t care where they are from and what their “cause” is. I am just deeply saddened by their lack of respect for people.

    Praying for our country today.