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Fiddledaddy took this picture years ago early on an Easter morning.  I stayed home with Jensen that day, as he was still just a baby.  The girls and their daddy attended a sunrise service on the beach.  Afterwards they rolled up their pants and waded into the water.  Holding hands.  A rare sisterly bonding moment.  I would like to note that the younger one has recently overtaken the older sister in the height department.  A picture like this today might depict one of them attempting to drown the other.  So I hold onto this particular memory.

I pray that you all have a blessed Easter weekend.  I know that I will be basking in the knowledge that Jesus is alive and is seated on the throne.  No matter what struggles we are facing, He is victorious.  That is what Easter means to me.  And if an innocent chocolate Easter bunny has to give its life in the throws of my celebratory celebrating.  Well.  So be it.

God bless you, my sweet friends.


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