I’m not coveting, I’m doing research

We’re still in the throws of flooring hell.  We’ve decided to tile the kitchen, kid’s bath, and front entryway.  You can bet I’m going to miss the cheap white builder’s linoleum.

So much so that I’m going to set it ablaze in the street in front of our house as an homage to builders everywhere.

Here’s hoping the hazmat team has a light load that day.

We’ve narrowed our search down to two different tile stores, have gotten our quotes, and are now enjoying the heart palpitations that accompany some of life’s bigger decisions.  Because once we finish the tile, and subsequently finish the rest of the house in the Armstrong Faux Wood planks that we started TWO years ago, WE’RE NEVER EVER CHANGING THE FLOORING EVER AGAIN.


(The Armstrong Vinyl Planks – LOVE THEM)

At one of the tile stores, the nice saleslady made the mistake of sharing with us one of her favorite design/decorator websites.  This site has ruined me.  And now I will ruin you all.

Go HERE if you would like to say goodbye to your free time FOREVER.  You were warned.

I’m pretty sure I could easily spend 4 or 12 hours perusing this site in one sitting.  And then out of sight out of mind.  But then, WHAM, they send me an email every few days or so to tempt me.  With pictures.


I guess I should thank them, because now I’m less likely to ogle those hapless neighbors who don’t think to close their shades at night as I take a leisurely stroll down the street.  It’s like they are just INVITING ME to look in their windows to see how their house is decorated.

I do so mourn HGTV and shows like House Hunters, House Hunters International, and Decorating on a Dime.  I could peek from the sanctity of my bark-o-lounger.

Now I’m peeking from the sanctity of my keyboard.

So it’s all good.



5 Responses to I’m not coveting, I’m doing research

  • I went, I saw. Not coming back.

  • We are building a house. I LIVE on Houzz. Yet I am still nowhere closer to defining my “style”. There is just too much to like.

  • One thing I LOVE about Houzz is if you are having a decorating dilemma, you can take a picture and post it with your question and within hours you will get decorators (and non-decorators) giving you tips – it’s fantastic! Good luck!

  • I, too, am a guilty Houzz surfer.

  • I’ve been a huge fan of Houzz for a while. And it was one of the first apps I added to the iPhone my daughter-in-law gave me 🙂 It’s my main activity during those insomniac nights so prevalent these days (menopause is MUCH worse than having kids…at least the kids permitted an occasional good night’s rest).
    I really like the variety of articles in addition to all the pretty pictures, too.