Putting the app in inappropriate

When it comes to Science, Jensen has pretty much been a self learner.  I just stand back and let nature takes its course.  As you know, he’s still in his Jurassic Period, logging many many hours with his nose in various dinosaur books.

We currently have 42 dinosaur-themed books checked out from the library.

The library personnel duck behind the counter when they see us coming.

For many reasons.

At this point, the boy is a walking talking roaring dinosaur encyclopedia.

Lately he has taken to putting down his dinosaur thoughts to paper, in the form of his own illustrated books.  At last count, he’s on book 4 in his series.  But pictures aren’t enough, he wants to have dialogue and information to accompany his drawings.  The only problem with this, is that he is still a Level 1 reader and speller.  There is only so much one can do with short vowel words when writing a book about dinosaurs.  Words like EAT, RIP, SHRED, and KILL can only go so far.

He knows how to write and spell DINOSAUR and TYRANNASAURUS REX.  But there are many many filler words that he’s needed help with.  Therefore he has turned to his bedraggled mother/teacher to painstakingly spell EVERY SINGLE WORD (sans the short vowel words).  This is especially super fun when I’m trying to plow through paperwork.  My tax return may contain some colorful carnage inspired descriptions.  Fitting.

And so Fiddledaddy came to my rescue.  He has discovered there is an app for everything, and so he put an app called Dragon Dictates on an old iPhone that Jensen uses for games.  You are able to speak a sentence into the phone and the words magically appear on the screen.  Spelled correctly.  Jensen is then able to transcribe the words onto the pages of his book.  Books that he loves nothing more than to share with friends (especially at the park, or at CHURCH).

There is only one problem.  Auto correct.  On occasion the app will play fast and loose with Jensen’s words.  Understanding.  Since he tends to use run on and very descriptive sentences.  But since Jensen is still reading at Level 1, he has no idea what he’s writing down in his book from the phone screen.

For example, today he recorded the following:

“Tyrannasaurus Rex is the strongest of all dinosaurs and likes to eat its prey and crunch their bones to bloody bits.”

(I’ve spared you from the accompanying illustration.  Your welcome.)

What the app transcribed:

“Tyrannasaurus Rex is the strongest of all dinosaurs and likes to pray and crunch the bones to bloody b****es.”  (hint:  it’s that word that rhymes with witch).

I’m thinking we need to find him a copy editing app.

Which will be much easier than finding new friends and a new church.


7 Responses to Putting the app in inappropriate

  • FUNNY!!!!!

  • Hilarious! What a full blooded male you have there!
    I remember that phase! We have been stuck in the Lego age for the past. ten. years.

    On the positive side, I think my son will one day be a design engineer and be able to take care of me in my old age, where I will be crippled from stepping on so many Legos, and have no voice, because I’ve yelled it all away.

  • Hilarious! Seriously, perhaps we should let our two dinosaur-obsessed boys Skype and wax rhapsodic about the Creutaceous and Jurassic and Triassic periods and the new T-Rex that was discovered with feathers. Seriously. They discovered a T-Rex with feathers. Sigh.

  • This period is actually almost taking over the “other” period as my favorite in the FiddleHouse.

    Just a bigger, better frog, it seems ….

    Life. It is Good.

  • LOL thanks for sharing, that was hilarious!

  • Lol…I actually did and now my kids are looking at me funny. I tend to have the same problem with Siri.
    Especially when I have a cold. Nothing like accidentally calling an aquaintence and an aquaintence when you asked her to “Call Dad’s Cell”.

  • Dragon Dictates. Hm. I will have to procure that, as I get tired of spelling Every. Single. Word. All. Day. Long. too. For both my younger ones–8 and 6.