Dinosaur meat found in Chick Fil-A

After our American Heritage Girl’s Court of Honor (fancy name for The Passing Out of the Badges) this week, we headed over to our local Chick Fil-A for Spirit Night.  This was a night in which our troop was on hand to help clean and bus tables, refill drinks, and be on hand to give out information should anyone want to know about American Heritage Girls in general.  And a portion of the profits that night were to go to support A.H.G.

And for the record, A.H.G. is a Christian based group which strives to build women of integrity through service to God, family, community and country.  And you can quote me on that.  After all these years of A.H.G. involvement, I can quote not only the mission statement, but the oath and creed as well.

This is a class act group, and my girls have loved their years with A.H.G.  And I’ve loved serving alongside some of my dearest friends.

But, yes, I do miss the Thin Mints…

I arrived early to help with set up at Chick Fil-A with my son in tow.  This was the lull before the storm, as the dinner crowd as well as the scouts had not yet arrived.  Jensen made a bee-line into the plexiglass partitioned indoor playground, and the peace was then shattered as he took on dinosaur form.  I believe the partition was meant to be sound-proofed, but they hadn’t taken Jensen into consideration when engineering the thing.  I did try to act as though I had no idea whose child he was, but my cover was blown each time he pressed his face up against the faux-glass to growl at me.

Thankfully the restaurant began to fill with scouts and patrons, so the playground noise was dulled somewhat.  More and more children began entering the play area.  These children included many of Jensen’s home schooling buddies, and soon, ALL the children were following this pied piper, roaring at the top of their lungs.

I offered a blanket apology to all of my peers and continued on with my business.

Which included dining with a cow.  Whose code name was “Mr. Steak”.


As the evening wore on, I noticed that the children began dropping like flies.  First one child came out with a head injury in the form of a goose egg.  The other child hurt in the collision was still crumpled inside as his nose was the unintended recipient of the head bash.  Soon another child came out weeping after getting kicked in the face by a twin sister.  All accidental, of course.  I looked and Jensen stood atop the play equipment.  Still roaring.

It was time to collect my little velociraptor and call it an ice age.

After arriving home Jensen informed me that he had been followed all night by an unknown girl in a pink shirt.  “I think she wanted to marry me, mom.  I get a little uncomfortable when girls won’t leave me alone.”

“Well, dude.  What’s not to love.  Guys like you are nearly extinct.  I think you’d better get used to it.”

With the exception of all the carnage and mayhem in the playground, I think the night was a success.  The employees were an awfully good sport about the whole thing.  I do love how Chick Fil-A is always willing to support worthy groups in their community.  Even those from the Cretaceous Period.


3 Responses to Dinosaur meat found in Chick Fil-A

  • We (tragically-and I do not use the word lightly) do not have Chick-Fil-A… is it pathetic that it’s right after DisneyWorld on my list of why I love going to Florida? Mind you, I would weigh 1000lb if we did have Chick-Fil-A…

  • I take it that you have not been introduced to Keebler’s Grasshopper cookies? Just the thing to replace those “other” cookies.

  • I used to work at CFA in Sioux City, Iowa. I LOVE it. I was so terribly bummed that I was in Dallas, TX last summer and did not manage to get me a chicken sandwich or lemonade. I’ll be in Orlando in a couple weeks. They better have one there!