And he can lift heavy things

by Fiddledeedee on March 10, 2013

After living without the washing machine for a little over 2 weeks, I can admit that I have yet to walk by it now without throwing myself across the lid and giving it a little hug.  It’s the little things that we appreciate.

I did have a moment of panic last week when I was throwing away all the boxes and trash from the work that the repair man did on the machine.  There was one box with what looked like a brand new part in it, carefully packed with plastic and styrofoam.  And it looked like an awfully important part of the machine.  I wondered if perhaps our repairman had forgotten to replace it.  Visions of a floor full of soap and water came flooding back.  I called G.E. and the nice lady responded with a helpful, “Well, maybe he didn’t need it.”  I put on my best pleasant southern phone voice and offered, “Since we’re about to redo the floor AFTER THE G.E. WASHING MACHINE FLOODED IT, I’d prefer to know for certain.  Thank yeeew.”  She set up an appointment for the technician to come out and take a look-see.  On the appointed day, the technician in question phoned and assured me that he did replace the part, but wrapped it carefully into the new part’s box to avoid getting grease all over my nice cheap linoleum.

I unwrapped the part myself to inspect, and got grease all over my hands.

Sometimes the only way I learn a lesson is the hard way.

Anyhoo.  While he was here, actually repairing the washing machine, he noticed my dryer.  And the spring loaded pliers protruding from where the knob ought to be.  He asked me about it, and I explained that while it was under warranty, I had the repair people out twice, and they simply replaced the plastic knob.  Which of course broke off yet again after the warranty had expired.  The G.E. repairman told me what I already knew, the timing mechanism was frozen and that’s why the knob kept breaking off.  They should have replaced the timing mechanism.

He also went on to tell me that we could probably fix it ourselves far more cheaply than having it repaired.

I had resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to save up the pennies to replace the whole darn thing, since it wouldn’t turn off by itself any longer and I feared the house would be set ablaze during a cycle of whites.

And I believe we’ve reached our quotient of disasters with the insurance people at this point.

So Fiddledaddy went online and did a little research, finding a website where he was able to look up the actual dryer by the model number to find a replacement part.  Then he found a you tube video on how to do it.

He ordered the part to the tune of about $35.00.  When I returned from errands one day this week, he brought me to the laundry room, telling me that he had gotten me a surprise.  Since we were in the laundry room, which leads to the garage, I was totally expecting….A. NEW. CAR!!!  Not really, I was thinking he had stashed some Thin Mints in the garage freezer. He knows my love language.

Because I’m nothing if not dense, he prodded me by saying that if it was a snake, it would bite me.  I had my hand on the dryer looking around.  Keep in mind, I can fit myself and a box of Saltines in the space of my laundry room.  Finally.  FINALLY.  I noticed.  WHERE ARE MY PLIERS?  You know, the ones used to wrangle the dryer into the permanent ON position.

The man had fixed my dryer, even giving me a brand new knob.

I no longer fear burning the house to the ground.  No.  That’s not entirely true.  I still have 3 children who are my wild cards.

But I now have been found draping myself across both the washer, dryer, AND my handy husband, giving them all a hug in thanksgiving.

It is the little things that bring me the most joy.



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