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The Bird

We have some unusual birds native to the state of Florida.  And by unusual, I mean the first time I saw a sandhill crane fly overhead, I hit the deck thinking it was a Pterodactyl (which according to my son is of the late Jurassic period, with a long slender head and neck).  They do most of their traveling about with the use of their long skinny chicken legs.  And because they are not all that bright, I’ve had to slam on my brakes more than a few times to avoid the aftermath of a Sandhill Crane landing in the driver’s seat of the car.


I’ve seen Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.  I know that they are out to blind all of man and woman kind and take over the world.

Anyhoo.  There is a not so distant relative of the Sandhill Crane, also indigenous of Florida, called the White Florida Crane.  They spend a good deal of their time loitering by the side of the ride, searching for worms and such.

All except for one intrepid White Florida Crane.

At the risk of being judged, I will tell you that I will, on occasion, frequent the drive-thru at McDonald’s to enjoy a Small Mocha Frappe (no chocolate drizzle).  I do it often enough that I’ve noticed one singular White Florida Crane begging at the passenger side of the car EVERY SINGLE TIME I drive up to the window.  Now since I’m driving, I get this information reported to me by my sidekick who is riding shotgun.  She informs me that the bird is standing just inches from the passenger door, looking up into her eyes, forlornly.


Yesterday, I asked an employee if they were aware of the begging bird, and they said yes.  He/she has a favorite parking spot that he/she hangs out waiting for patrons to throw a french fry offering.

Thank goodness.

It would be so very wrong for the bird to be dining on, say, chicken nuggets.  Not that McDonald’s nuggets are made of chicken, mind you.  But you get the idea.

I wouldn’t let my sidekick open the window because A) I saw The Birds (MY EYES, MY EYES), and B) not willing to share my Mocha Frappe even with the sidekick, much less a bird.

And for the record, I understand that there is a remake of The Birds in the works.  That’s one film I believe I’ll take a pass.

And now, if you’d like to join me in my neurosis, I present to you, The Birds.


4 Responses to The Bird

  • When we lived in Montana, there was a McD’s next to a canal that ran parallel to the drive thru. A family of about 9 ducks had taken up residence. 4 males, 4 females. And a spare female. We assume her mate got too greed and was a victim of a drive by. Yeah, the jokes never stopped as we would all try to tell the best ‘what happened to the extra duck’ stories.

  • When I was a child my father worked in the evenings at a local Drive-In. Since my mother was not well, and not home, he would have to load us into the car for the night. I, being the oldest, was “in charge” – sort of the babysitter on wheels. My sisters were 5 and 6 years younger than me and took up residence in the back seat. They were soon asleep most nights. Me – I was transfixed by the giant silver screen. I saw movies I probably should have never seen at my tender age (my mother would have had a fit had she known). One movie that fit into the “shouldn’t have seen” category was “The Birds”. I hadn’t viewed anything like it – I was terrified. Even now, 40 odd years later – I cringe when I see a large flock of birds gathering in one place – for no apparent reason. I admire birds for their migratory skills, flying abilities, gay plummage, and songs – and they do speak to me of God’s care – but I prefer to have a one to one relationship. I too will NOT be seeing the remake – I’m still traumatized by the original. I feel badly for the white crane. Her cholesteral must be through the roof!

  • As a native Floridian, I’m used to most of the wildlife. That doesn’t mean I like it. I was at Cocoa beach pier last spring and there was a guy with seagulls and other beach birds all over him. Yuck!! I thinbk he was a local and liked all the attention he got. It’s pretty bad when the seagulls are not too scared to come snatch food out of your hand.

  • … the birds would not bother me nearly as much as this: http://science.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/03/09/17249991-gallinippers-monster-mosquitoes-poised-to-strike-florida?lite=

    However, we still have snow on the ground…