The Sink Hole

Every once in a while I audibly exclaim that I want the earth to open up and swallow me whole.  It’s happened at the library (twice) when Jensen rendered himself naked, and as you might imagine, it has happened at Wal Mart because that’s the place wherein my children are ALWAYS on their best behavior.

But now I’ve changed my mind.  I no longer, under any circumstance, wish for the earth to open wide and take me down.  Because, my friends, it can happen.  Over the weekend I was haunted by a news story about a man IN FLORIDA who climbed into the sanctity of his own bed, and a sink hole appeared underneath him, taking his  bed, television, dresser, and HIM down into the deep recesses of the earth.  Never to be seen again.  Granted, this was on the opposite Florida coast from where I’m located, but since I’m now obsessing of this phenomenon, I’ve come across a number of instances where sink holes have appeared out of the blue.

This one I found particularly disturbing.


Granted this was in Guatamala.  But still.

I lived in Los Angeles during the big Northridge earthquake.  I really and truly thought I was going to die.  In fact, I blamed that bleak episode on my periodic weight issues.  After the quake, and during the weeks of aftershocks, my snacking options reached a fever pitch.  I figured, what the heck, there would just be more of me to find in the rubble.

And I will admit that I was secretly glad to move to Florida for the sole reason that I wouldn’t have to experience any more earthquakes.  I’ll take a hurricane any day over an earthquake, because at least you have time to GET THE HECK OUT OF DODGE.

A sink hole gives you no warning.  It simply swallows you whole, not caring if you’re wearing your tattered pajamas or not.  Not that you’ll ever be found, mind you.  Like that poor fellow that befell a 50 foot sink hole under his bedroom.  He’s still there.  The authorities simply demolished the house above him.  And there you go.

How do you fill a 50 foot sink hole in a neighborhood?  Inquiring minds.

Now I have one more thing to worry about.  It could happen at any time.  I could be sitting here at my computer pounding out a post and all of a sud

7 Responses to The Sink Hole

  • Bahaha! I feel like it should be wrong of me to be laughing at this but it’s too funny.

  • I KNOW what you mean….little freaked out over here!

    On the bright side, my children have NOT seen this news story so I only have to deal with me freaking out and not two paranoid girls freaking out! I’ll take what I can get!!! 😉

  • I heard on the radio that the man’s brother could hear him crying out for help. I’m a Floridian who moved to NC but I’m still freaked out about this story. Terrifying…

  • We have beenwatching it up here in NH and it is so sad to think that he is still in there while the house is razed around him. My heart goes out to him and his family and who ever dares to build over this spot…..

  • Please oh please do not share this info with E. We recently took the girls hiking to the bottom of Devils Millhopper and she has been worried over sinkholes ever since. I had to hold her hand the rest of that weekend, incase you know- the earth opened up and tried to swallow her whole. But it is nice to know that she still thinks that I am super mommy who can save her from certain destruction just by holding her hand.

  • Loved the ending!! Thanks for the laugh.

  • Time to return to Texas…