Eight is a nice even number

We celebrated Jensen’s 8th birthday today with a dinosaur themed extravaganza.

Or as Fiddledaddy called it, Feeding the Obsession.

My boy began his day by following a trail of brand new rubber lizards and dinosaurs down the hall, leading to a bag containing a large Stegasaurus.  With moving, roaring parts.  His joy knew no bounds.  But then when he thought things could not get better, we threw him into the van, picked up his aunt and favorite boy cousins, and headed to Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World.  Home of Dino Land, replete with fossils, a bone dig, dinosaur themed rides, and mini-dinosaur exhibitions.


He surprised one cast member who was giving a talk on various dinosaur bones in her little exhibit.  Jensen was able to name all of the bones, tell which dinosaur they came from, and describe what they might have dined on for lunch.  He drew a crowd.  We had to whisk him away before he got into a dissertation on creationism vs. evolution as he doesn’t possess much of a filter when making an argument for which side of science he falls.

And for the record, he can provide a VERY persuasive case for his belief in creationism.  We just need to work on, you know, tact.


Anyhoo.  His most favorite ride of all, aptly named DINOSAUR, which is a wild jeep ride through the days of the dinosaur, featuring life-sized animatronic dinosaurs, CLOSED, just as we procured our fast pass.

And it remained closed throughout the rest of the day.  I assured Jensen that it was likely because one of the animatronic dinosaurs, probably the T-Rex, ate a jeep passenger, and the cast members were likely having a difficult time cleaning up the carnage.

The thought of this scenario seemed to appease him.  Disney loves to create a realistic experience for its guests, after all.

The rest of the day was spent frolicking, riding rides, and getting almost up close and personal with a real Komodo Dragon.  If he could have figured out a way to smuggle it into the stroller and out of the park, he would have.  Keeping in mind that this thing was roughly the size of an enormous alligator.


The thing was staring right at Jensen, in some sort of silent communication.

The long day was made complete with a van ride home watching Jurassic Park on the DVD player.  Guaranteeing nightmares for all.

It doesn’t seem possible that this small wonder was only 18 months old when I began this blog.  He was a barely walking, not talking, screaming bundle of energy.  He has provided me blog fodder beyond my wildest imagination.  As my girls have gotten older, I do have to curtail much of the details of their adventures, for the sake of privacy (and peace in my kingdom).  But Jensen is still fair game. And he is well warned. “Jensen, if you keep that up you’ll end up on your mother’s blog.”  “SO WHAT, DAD.”

So here’s to many more years of blog fodder.

Happy Birthday, my sweet boy.


4 Responses to Eight is a nice even number

  • Happy birthday Jensen! Thank you for continuing your mom’s enjoyment of anything amphibian. Your check is in the mail ♥

  • Happy Birthday Jensen! I feel your pain about the ride. That was not only my kids favorite ride at Animal Kingdom but mine as well. We rode it 4-5 times and the end got me every time! Glad he enjoyed the day anyway 🙂

  • What a perfect day for your boy!

  • Happy Happy Birthday!!!

    For obvious reasons, I still maintain that the moms should get presents on the child’s birthday. What did you get? 😉