A Valentine Date

For the first time since we had children, Fiddledaddy and I spent Valentines Day at Epcot.  WITHOUT THE CHILDREN.  My first visit to Disney World was on our honeymoon 15 years ago, and I made it known right then and there that Epcot was my favorite park of them all.  I think it has a good deal to do with the wide open spaces (a bonus for a girl with claustrophobic issues) and the wide variety of dining options.

This date was made possible by my dear sweet sister-in-law, Trish, who offered to keep our offspring for the entire day.  On our way to her house to drop the children in the early hour of the day, I mentioned to them that Aunt Trish sounded a wee bit stressed over the phone, so they were to be on EXTRA GOOD BEHAVIOR.  Jensen chirped, “It’s okay, mom, I’ve been over at Aunt Trish’s LOTS of times when she’s stressed.”

I have now discovered the common denominator to All The Stress of my sweet SIL.  And he was sitting in the passenger seat right behind me.  Still.  We were committed to the date, and not even deep seeded guilt could persuade me to cancel.

The hour long ride over to the happiest place on earth was heavenly.  Not once did I have to reach behind me to swat at someone, and we were able to listen to talk radio without ONCE turning down the volume to yell at anyone.

We had no real agenda in mind, except to meander aimlessly wherever the wind took us.  We had reservations at the Coral Reef for lunch at 1:20.  But we showed up slightly before noon because we could.  As no one was whining about what to ride next.  The Coral Reef is a beautiful sit down restaurant that boasts a giant aquarium view of your menu options, should you decide to go with the fish.  Which is not at all like sitting in a steakhouse with front row seats to cows grazing lazily in the grass.  But whatever.  I went with the pasta adorned with lobster and sauce.

At one point during our quiet and peaceful meal, I noticed a family of 5 dining on the tier just in front of us and down the row a bit.  Their three small children had just commenced with All The Crying and Bickering.  I fought the urge to tiptoe down to their table and reassure them,  “DON’T WORRY, IT’S ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE. MUCH MUCH WORSE.”

We meandered some more and then rode Mission Space (the gentler version, not the one wherein I’m certain to revisit my lunch.  Plus yesterday’s groceries), Soarin’ (by far, my favorite), and Spaceship Earth.

At some point during the day we spotted the following t-shirt, and asked the model to pose for a picture.


Father’s Day is coming up, you know.  And now I have the perfect gift to find.

I hope you all had a fabulous Valentines Day and an even better weekend.  Our washing machine repair guy is expected in the morning around 8 am.  Which is a good thing because the only clean clothes that I own are a pair of parachute pants and Flashdance sweatshirt.  No one should have to endure that fashion horror on a middle aged woman.


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