The Artist

After our American Heritage Girl’s meeting this afternoon, we met Fiddledaddy for dinner at our favorite pizza place (1/2 price pizzas and calzones on Mondays).  We ran into one of our favorite families there because my friend and I shared the same lack of enthusiasm for cooking dinner.  We had the brilliant idea of putting all of our 6 children together at one booth, while we adults dined at an adjoining but SEPARATE booth.

And then we pretended like we had no idea whose children they were.

Except that they kept poking their heads over the back of the booth calling us MOM and DAD.

This restaurant is very child friendly, and next to the kid’s booth is a little alcove for the children to draw their own artistic renditions in chalk.  All 6 children were displaying various forms of art.  Jensen, as you might imagine, drew a realistic version of a T-Rex dining on a hapless mammal.  However, a sister erased it before I could record it for all of eternity.

Before we left I was able to view my Cailey’s masterpiece.  She drew this with her friend, Nicolette.  I thought it was very impressionistic and would have loved to have taken it home, but I lacked the necessary cutting tools to remove it.


(I love the idea of painting a frame onto the wall around the chalk board frame.)

Then Cailey pointed out her other artistic handiwork.  I’m thankful that she neglected to sign it.


Another proud public parenting moment.


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