Universally Speaking

One blessing that our little family received during the difficult month of December was that Fiddledaddy booked a national Universal Theme Park commercial.  Which pretty much means that he got paid to frolic and ride roller coasters all day.

Not a bad way to eek out a living.

I know for a fact that you pretty much have to have a strong constitution to act in a commercial such as this, because often you must ride said roller coaster ad nauseum.

Nauseum would be operative.

This is why you would never have ever seen me in any commercial (during the starving acting years) demonstrating the fun to be had riding, say, the Teacups at Disney World.

Think Linda Blair in The Exorcist.

Fortunately, Fiddledaddy has a caste iron stomach.  Which comes in pretty handy being married to me.

Anyhoo.  Go here to view one version of the commercial.  It just began airing.  And yes, that’s my husband demonstrating a cannon ball.

His talent knows no bounds.


3 Responses to Universally Speaking

  • I just saw that commercial yesterday! It is probably not a big deal to your kids, but my kids would think dad was the coolest if he got to be on a Universal commercial. Or maybe not — very few things rank cool in the teenage world! (I don’t even know if things are “cool” anymore.)

  • This is very fun..and I know my kid would think it was very cool to see dad on tv having so much fun! : ) Although the cannon ball might not have been a blast the 14th time. ; )

  • The last time I attempted a cannon ball, I about choked to death on my bathing suit. Fun commercial although he can have those rollercoasters. My palms sweat just watching people board and anticipate what is to come. I despise them.