Down the drain

by Fiddledeedee on December 30, 2012

On Christmas Eve, I left the house to finish up some last minute Christmas shopping.  In reality, no gifts needed to be procured, I simply was in need of a mommy time-out, and I thought that a well timed trip to Hobby Lobby would beat sitting in a jail cell the day before Christmas.

I’m practical like that.

In my absence, Fiddledaddy put the little minions (who were the cause of my near fatal melt down) to work, in an effort to surprise me.  In a good way.  He announced to them that they were going to be in charge of cleaning out the two bathtub drains.  A job which I avoid like the plague, mostly because of my gag reflex issues.

As the tale was later told to me, Emme resigned herself to the task at hand.  And as a fan of the show “Dirty Jobs”, I think she secretly jumped on the idea with both feet.  Cailey on the other hand, broke down in tears.  A heaving ugly sob, as I hear told.  She lay prone, face down in the carpet, for a good while.  Wailing.

I’m pretty sure threats and ultimatums were dispensed, because eventually she fell in line and dutifully began extracting two years worth of human hair and much that was completely unrecognizable, but probably did contain DNA.  At one time.

Anyhoo.  Each girl was assigned to a different tub.  And for all their complaining, the long luxurious hair in question, belonged solely to each of them, as my shampooing regiment occurs in the sanctity of our shower.  Jensen, who occasionally benefits from having severe Atopic Dermatitis in that he gets to avoid a lot of the really filthy chores around the house, spent his time supervising the sister’s work.  And by supervising, I mean that he would stay long enough to watch the carnage being removed from the drain, wherein he would begin heaving like a dog.

When he could stand it no longer, he would sprint across the house to the scene of the other drains excavation, until his gag reflex was fully functioning, and he would then race back to the other drain, to check on the progress.

I understand that this went on for quite a while.


I came back home, refreshed somewhat, at least as refreshed as someone might be when venturing out on Christmas Eve to do a little faux shopping.  And I was pleasantly surprised to learn that if I wanted to take a nice soothing bath, I could do so without having to wait two days for the tub to drain.

It was an appreciated and unexpected Christmas present just for me.

I’m no psychic, but I foresee more impromptu shopping trips in my future.



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