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Elf on my shelf

I’ve been more than a little fascinated with the whole idea of the Elf on a Shelf craze that has seemingly popped up out of nowhere this season.  Like I needed to throw $30 at one more seasonal gimmick.  But as I’ve watched on social media with amusement all the different ways that an elf can get into daily mischief, I have to admit that I’ve been intrigued.  There’s a big part of me that wants to join in, and it really has nothing to do with creating more Christmas magic for my children, but more to do with my own inappropriate sense of fun.


elfonashelf-onatoilet copy

However, not wanting to part with the aforementioned $30, I thought I might wait until the day after Christmas, and attempt to snag one at a reduced price.  But then I got to thinking.  That face.  It is familiar.  So I dug through my daughter’s old Barbie box, and came up with Alan, from my own Barbie playing days in the 1960’s.  Alan has held up pretty well through 45 years and two generations of Barbie escapades.  Although he could use a hair dye job.  And perhaps a makeover.  But can’t we all.


The cheap frugal side of me thinks that Alan will suit my purposes very well.  He’s not as bendy as the Elf on a Shelf.  But the possibilities are endless.  And as an aside, and totally off topic, I also rediscovered some of my bendable legged Barbies, and their knees sound EXACTLY like mine do as I attempt a deep knee bend.  As if.

And if you have crunchy knees and are over 45, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Okay, now I’m really signing off for the holidays.  Have a very Merry Christmas, my sweet bloggy friends.



6 Responses to Elf on my shelf

  • I am turning 50 a week after Christmas and yes, I can relate to the knees!
    Have a Merry Christmas Dee Dee!

  • Will you think less of me if I admit that “Naughty Elf” on Facebook cracks me up? hahahahahahaha 🙂

  • I love it….”Alan on the Shelf” It could be the start of a whole new tradition! LOL

  • You can buy a cheap elf at Hobby Lobby without the book. Use a coupon and he’ll be super cheap. Not an official elf on the shelf…but a real elf nonetheless!

    Personally, I think the elf on the shelf thing is creepy. But my kiddos LOVE waking up and looking for the elf. It’s fun. I just skip the whole “he’s watching you” thing. 😉

  • Alan will do just fine- might work even better without the bendability. Merry Merry Christmas!

  • Elf on the Shelf is 30% off at Barnes & Noble right now.