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Disney Magic

In a vain attempt to avoid confusion, I posted a version of this last night, but quickly took it down when it came to my attention that I was allowing ALL THE FUNK that I’ve been experiencing over the last couple of days to slant this post toward ALL THE NEGATIVE.  As I’m generally a sunny side up sort of gal, that would be quite unlike me.  After a nights rest and 5 cups of coffee, I’m feeling much less funky. 

As I’ve eluded, we spent last week camping at Fort Wilderness in Disney World.  There were 7 families, and we all linked our reservations many many months in advance.  We all requested Loop 1500, because of its close proximity to the HEATED pool.  At Fort Wilderness, the only two loops which will accommodate either tent camping or pop up camper camping (loops 1500 and 2000).  They are also the least expensive loops, providing electric hook ups and water, but no sewer.  Who needs a bathroom in your pop up when Disney provides “Comfort Stations” which are far cleaner than my own at home.  And all the hot water I could ever hope for.

By the end of the trip, Jensen would only call the bathroom “The Comfort Station” and he corrected anyone who tried to name it otherwise.

Anyhoo.  The majority of our friends were set to arrive on Thursday, with a couple of stragglers on Friday.  Because we’re rebels, we got there on Wednesday.  Our thought was that we could recover from the whole set up and enjoy our friends more on Thursday, and be able to visit Epcot on Thursday before everyone arrived.

Excellent plan.

When we arrived, Disney put us in Loop 1500, which was good.  They assured us that our friends were still linked and would be also located in 1500 on Thursday.  We thought it odd that there were no available spots nearby, but we headed to Epcot to enjoy the Christmas decorations.  About 30 minutes into our adventure, we received a call from Disney reservations telling us that we were placed into the wrong loop, and the other 6 families were in Loop 2000.  It should be noted that Loop 2000 is on the opposite side of the campground from 1500.  They apologized profusely, but stated that nothing could be done, as this was an error not caught in time.  There was no room at the inn, as it were.  They felt horrible and offered us the use of a golf cart with which to visit our friends.  We told them that we had a golf cart and preferred to be next to our friends.

It was decided in the end that we would move from Loop 1500 to Loop 2000.  Not an easy feat if you were to witness the elaborate set up of our tent and surrounding accoutrements.  It took two Tylenol and one good ugly cry to recover from that set up.  The thought of tearing everything down, and then resetting up was enough to bring on an encore performance of the ugly cry, part deux.

So Disney offered us a flat bed truck and some helpers.  We left Epcot and headed back to pack up.  The flat bed truck showed up, accompanied by two elderly women.  Now, I qualify for the McDonald’s senior coffee, but let’s just say that these ladies have been enjoying the senior coffee for about 20 years.

However, I could take a page from these ladies play book.  These were two tough broads who gave me a run for my money while pitching all of our possessions onto the truck.  They were awesome and we managed to break everything down, move across the campground, and reset up in sort of record time.  A few more Tylenols were dispensed, but I cried no more tears.

At long last, we were situated among our dear, albeit odd, friends.


In total, there were 7 families, including 17 children.  This netted us only one trip to the emergency room during our stay.  A personal best.

(to be continued)


2 Responses to Disney Magic

  • Love it…not the part about moving camp…but the rest of it. Can’t wait to hear the rest. Always so jealous when I hear about your trips to WDW. My happy place. : )

  • “Odd” only hits the tip of the iceberg with this crew! Its nice to have the memories documented