When words fail me

An unexpected benefit, if you will, of embarking on a 5 day camping trip with dear friends and purposefully ignoring social media, is that I was completely unaware of the horrifying events which took place on Friday.

I fully expected to come back on Sunday night and share the many stories from the last few days.  Days filled with children frolicking without a care in the world.  Days of sitting with sweet friends and commiserating over the day to day dribble of parenting.

But today adequate words fail me.

Instead, I wanted to share a bit of a different insight into an aspect of this tragedy.  I believe that this is a big part of what we ought to be discussing.  Please read this article.

I know this event has affected you all, like it has affected me.  God bless you, my sweet fellow mommies and daddies.


4 Responses to When words fail me

  • I’ve been seeing that article pop up all over social media today. Mental illness really does need to be the focus of our discussion right now. I read it once and cried hard. I won’t be reading it again anytime soon.

    Take time with your family for now. I’ll look forward to hearing about your trip in the near future. I can’t even imagine you on a five day camping trip. Four nights was my longest to date and that was a good two days past my limit!

  • May the Lord of All Creation come soon. This world leaves me longing for home…

  • This whole thing saddens me. We unplugged this weekend and spent some much needed family time together.

    This also confirms that I did the right thing by choosing to homeschool my middle schooler this year when another student threatened to shoot her in the face because she did the right thing and reported him for bringing alcohol and drugs to school.