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Christmas in a coffee mug

Santa came early in my house.  Especially since Santa gave Mrs. Claus the go-ahead to order her own gift, courtesy of a fantastic sale on cyber Monday at Kohl’s.  Over the years I’ve talked openly about my coffee addiction, and my endless search for the perfect cup of coffee.

As a side note, the number one google term that people find my blog lately is by arranging and rearranging the following:  “senior coffee from McDonald’s”  My senior McDonald’s moment was highlighted in this post.  And for those searching, the answer that you seek is FIFTY.  I know, it seems wrong to me as well.  But I still gladly take the change.

I’ve come to you all when I need to replace a dead or dying coffee maker.  And you’ve never let me down when it comes to suggestions for this all-important purchase.  The last time I had to buy a coffee maker, I settled on the Cuisinart (the one that grinds the beans in the machine).  I do love this coffee pot, but the noise that ensues at 7AM can throw a wrench in my plans for a little quiet time (or as I like to call it:  The Moment of Dread) that directly precedes the rest of the house waking up.

Many many of you recommended the Keurig individual cup coffee maker.  I have been eying this coffee pot for a good year or more, but couldn’t justify the expense.  Then cyber Monday loomed large, and this was a sale I couldn’t pass up.  With free shipping.

So, this is what graces my kitchen counter now.  I bought the mini version, with the purpose of satisfying my individual cup of coffee needs during my daily mid-afternoon moment of crisis.  I’ve been trying a number of the different flavors that came as samples with the Keurig, and have deemed that the Green Mountain Breakfast Blend is my favorite thus far.

I’ve gotten the My K-Cup reusable coffee filter so that I can fill it with my own beloved Dunkin Donuts coffee.  I have justified this expense in that I will use less coffee over the long run, by making one cup at a time.  But I haven’t tried it yet.

My question for you Keurig fans, where is the best bargain to be found when purchasing your K-Cups?  I have been pricing them at Wal Mart and have been saving coupons, but I am wondering if there is a better deal to be had?

10 Responses to Christmas in a coffee mug

  • We have had our Keurig for several years now. We bought ours at Costco and when we had a problem with our first one, we simply exchanged it for a new one. But I will say that Keurig’s Customer Service Dept is TOP NOTCH!

    Did you register your machine on Keurig’s website yet? I know when I registered ours, we got two free boxes of coffee. I find the cheapest way to buy Kcups is to buy them online at Keurig. If you order four or more boxes, the shipping is free.

    You can also buy them at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I always have a million 20% coupons for that place so if we run low on Kcups (because I forgot to reorder them), I go to BBB.

    Costco sells giant boxes (like 96 cups?) but they are all the same flavor. So if you KNOW you love Newman’s Own or Donut People (or is it Donute Shoppe?), that’s the way to go.

    On a side note, if you like the Green Mountain Breakfast Blend, you will probably also like Green Mountain Nantucket Blend and Wolfgang Puck’s Breakfast in Bed (my FAVORITE!!).

  • I’m interested in a good bargain on this too! I buy some at Sam’s Club and I have noticed that quite a few of the stores have their own brands now. My favorite is Starbucks Blonde Veranda which is surprising because I don’t generally like Starbucks. If you decide to get a Hot Chocolate buy the Swiss Miss, the other brands are nasty! I also like the Zen Green Tea. Good luck 🙂

  • I buy my k-cups at Bed Bath and Beyond with a 20% coupon–I also look for any that they have on clearance. I have gotten some great deals that way. I also buy from Green Mountain cafe express. I drink a lot of decaf which is hard to find in stores. If you join their club you get discounts. I also have a reusable k-cup but find it harder to use–it is not as consistent with flavor because I am not as consistent in how much I put in. I may try again.

  • I have a Keurig too and I love it! I buy my k-cups at Publix because they are $2 cheaper per box. I also wrote to the company that makes the Foglifter (Folgers) and told them how much I loved their coffee. They sent me 4 coupons for 4 free K-cup boxes.

    I also do the reusable with my Dunkin Donuts coffee. Have you tried the Pumpkin Spice this season? Delicious 🙂

  • I got one in November for my birthday. When I registered it with Keurig I got a buy two boxes get two boxes free deal. I also bought the refillable cup and use it in the morning so I can have a “fancy” chai in the afternoon and justify using two cups per day. 🙂 I”m also hoarding my 20% off coupons for Bed Bath and Beyond and intend on using them stacked with a sale. Watch your units, some boxes have 16 and some have 24.

  • I agree with the above – definitely register at the Keurig website. Even if you don’t continue to order there, you can get the free boxes. I also buy at Publix and Bed, BAth, and Beyond. I don’t buy K-cups for tea. I buy the regular tea bags and just use the Keurig to make hot water for my tea.

  • While not the cheapest, I like amazon. I can use my free gift cards from swagbucks plus many people sell individual by the kcup selections. (Pick out each one) This allows me to try many flavors/brands without committing to a whole box. Thus saving waste in the long run.

  • The best deals I’ve gotten are from clearance at Target, sale + a coupon at my grocery store, and the $10 off 40 coupon at BB&B to get the big 60 count variety box. I’ve never gotten them for less than $.50 a cup, though. That’s my goal someday. 🙂 If we’re completely out, Walmart has the best non-sale price.

  • We mostly buy at Sam’s Club now (we’ve had ours for a few years and tried enough flavors to know what we like, so buying 80-100 at a time isn’t an issue), and they are consistently 50 cents / cup…which is pretty decent. I often got them a little cheaper than that from Amazon using Subscribe and Save (you can cancel after your first order if you want) and that allowed us to get alot of variety packs and try different kinds. I never buy them at the grocery stores because I can’t stand paying 75 – 90 cents each for those things, and I’m too impatient to wait for a sale or hunt for coupons. The Caribou Breakfast Blend at Sam’s is very good. My husband splurges occasionally and gets the Dunkin K-cups from DD – we are too chicken to try our reusable cup because I’m afraid it will make a mess!

  • I use my solofill cups the most. I live in a somewhat rural area so I usually by the k-cups at The Walmart or The Kohl’s. I have had my keurig for a few years now. The first two I had to have replaced but Keurig was great about it. This one hasn’t had any problems and I still love it as much as the first day I received it!