Christmas in a coffee mug

by Fiddledeedee on December 10, 2012

Santa came early in my house.  Especially since Santa gave Mrs. Claus the go-ahead to order her own gift, courtesy of a fantastic sale on cyber Monday at Kohl’s.  Over the years I’ve talked openly about my coffee addiction, and my endless search for the perfect cup of coffee.

As a side note, the number one google term that people find my blog lately is by arranging and rearranging the following:  “senior coffee from McDonald’s”  My senior McDonald’s moment was highlighted in this post.  And for those searching, the answer that you seek is FIFTY.  I know, it seems wrong to me as well.  But I still gladly take the change.

I’ve come to you all when I need to replace a dead or dying coffee maker.  And you’ve never let me down when it comes to suggestions for this all-important purchase.  The last time I had to buy a coffee maker, I settled on the Cuisinart (the one that grinds the beans in the machine).  I do love this coffee pot, but the noise that ensues at 7AM can throw a wrench in my plans for a little quiet time (or as I like to call it:  The Moment of Dread) that directly precedes the rest of the house waking up.

Many many of you recommended the Keurig individual cup coffee maker.  I have been eying this coffee pot for a good year or more, but couldn’t justify the expense.  Then cyber Monday loomed large, and this was a sale I couldn’t pass up.  With free shipping.

So, this is what graces my kitchen counter now.  I bought the mini version, with the purpose of satisfying my individual cup of coffee needs during my daily mid-afternoon moment of crisis.  I’ve been trying a number of the different flavors that came as samples with the Keurig, and have deemed that the Green Mountain Breakfast Blend is my favorite thus far.

I’ve gotten the My K-Cup reusable coffee filter so that I can fill it with my own beloved Dunkin Donuts coffee.  I have justified this expense in that I will use less coffee over the long run, by making one cup at a time.  But I haven’t tried it yet.

My question for you Keurig fans, where is the best bargain to be found when purchasing your K-Cups?  I have been pricing them at Wal Mart and have been saving coupons, but I am wondering if there is a better deal to be had?


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