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The Christmas Village

Every year I look forward with great anticipation to the erecting of the annual Christmas village.  Painstakingly, I unwrap each piece and gingerly place it where it belongs.  I’ve given each child explicit instructions not to touch the village, lest Santa Claus will bypass our house on Christmas Eve.

No one in our home believes in Santa, by the way, but this is my warped way of keeping the spirit of Santa alive and well.

As I finished putting the final touches on my village, I stood back with admiration.  The children did the same.

The next morning I came into the family room and flipped on the village lights.  This is what greeted me.

It was bad enough that the manger scene was sullied.  Now this.

Nothing is sacred.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone.

7 Responses to The Christmas Village

  • Merry Christmas! 🙂 If it makes you feel better as I first glanced at your picture before reading your post I didn’t see it had been taken over.

    We love you, Jensen! Thank you for giving Mommy good blog material.

  • It’s such a boy thing… so funny. Well, he does keep you busy and gives you lots to share with us. Thank you Jensen.

  • See, I would suspect my husband before my boys…

  • One year, my children put our cheesy souvineer Statue of Liberty on top of our tree and hid my beloved star! That was a year we bought a live tree to plant. They named the tree Liberty and to this day when I drive by the house where we lived, I check to see how Liberty is doing. They also loved to change up my pillows that spell “NOEL”. I’ll walk in the room and see LEON or NOLE or ELON on the couch. My grandsons do the same thing.